UK WEF PM Says Covid1984 Vax Is Kosher!

So, that’s reassuring, isn’t it. Get your boosters! Is he correct or not?

The UK GOO, Government Of Occupation, is addressing the 20 year campaign by members of the public falsely accused of improper use of Post Office funds. The Post Office and the government made huge mistakes which lead to some innocent people being jailed. The same should happen for the perpetrators of covid1984, but those responsible cling to their seats of power just as Tony Bliar continues to do.

31 January 2024 House of Commons PM’s Q&As
MP Andrew Bridgen asks WEF UK PM £multi-millionaire Ratty Sunake about covid1984 injection safety. Ratty insists all is safe.
‘Let me be unequivocal from this dispatch box, that covid vaccines are safe.’

This a video of the whole session. Bridgen asks his question at about 23 minutes:

Maajid Nawaz says bookmark this as evidence for crimes against humanity:
“Let me be unequivocal from this dispatch box .. that COVID-vaccines are safe …” Rishi Sunak UK Parliament 31 January/2024

Slovakia’s PM has questions about covid1984:

Funeral Director John O’Looney offers further evidence about the covid1984 jabs:

John Beaudoin has even more questions:

I’ve featured this guy before:

It would be interesting to have the UK PM properly taken to task.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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4 Responses to “UK WEF PM Says Covid1984 Vax Is Kosher!”

  1. ian says:

    Unbef*ckingleiveable. Pishy Rishy. Rag Man’s trumpet insertion springs to mind.

    • NPP says:

      He’s rich. He doesn’t care. However, life might come back to bite him, Tony Bliar & co.

      • Gordon says:

        Cutting The Head Off The Snake In Geneva

        • NPP says:

          This clip’s been doing the rounds for a while. I’d welcome it if authentic. May be he and it is. Ex banker. Says he’s been jab injured I seem to recall.
          I’m more encouraged by Israel overplaying it’s hand and the subsequences of that.

          Bottom line. Sunake misled parliament.