UK is no longer a functioning independent country as all services collapse and people no longer feel safe.

Anyone who still maintains that UK is a legal and functioning independent country is a fraud.

UK has sold England out to UN 2018 Migration Pact, WHO pandemic totalitarian government, WEF, G20 and many other world government bodies.

The only way to regain independence and sovereignty is for England to exit UK by referendum.

The first political party to formally offer an independence referendum is The English Democrats.

Now there’s a challenge for our resident artist.  Can he place these words along with his excellent graphic and a TED holding the flag pulling England out of The Jack.

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6 Responses to “UK is no longer a functioning independent country as all services collapse and people no longer feel safe.”

  1. NPP says:

    There’s no incentive until this is changed…
    2.10.2 The English Democrats recognise the shortcomings of the Kyoto
    Treaty but support initiatives which aim to guide us to a low carbon
    2.10.3 Zero-pollution hydrogen fuel-cell power-packs are available,
    sized to power vehicles through to large buildings and entire
    localities. We support programmes to develop a hydrogen supply
    infrastructure, with particular focus on hydrogen originally created
    using renewable energy. We support the establishment of English pilot
    towns that will generate their own power using hydrogen fuel cells. We
    call for the scheme to be rolled out across England upon successful
    completion of the pilot trials.
    2.10.4 Greater use of renewable resources and the more efficient use
    of energy. This should include encouragement for Green industries,
    especially energy generation, and the construction of energy efficient

    There is NO climate emergency!

    The Kyoto agreement and low-carbon policy are straight from Green Party/Conservative/Labour/Lib-Dems/BBC Agenda2030.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      “There is NO climate emergency!”

      No there isn’t. And it is massively hubristic to think that humans can change the climate to suit ourselves, it’s a fantasy

      Zero pollution is possible though

      “The Kyoto agreement and low-carbon policy are straight from Green Party/Conservative/Labour/Lib-Dems/BBC Agenda2030”

      Well sort of, but a bit of cart before the horse there I’d say. It was created via the Club of Rome, the Rockefellers honcho Maurice Strong and the UN and more. And fed to those local minion pols etc by diktat. No protests from the obedient whores of course, they know who the boss is

      Btw, how many of these “extreme” weather events are even natural? The Pentagon told us ages ago that they intended to weaponize the weather by the mid 2020’s. Be good to have a progress report wouldn’t it. My bet is that they have made great progress with that objective, no way of knowing for certain. Chemtrails and HAARP were probably just the alt media tip of that iceberg

  2. NPP says:

    It’s the same. Let me re-word it…

    “The Kyoto agreement and low-carbon policy are the same as those of the Green Party/Conservative/Labour/Lib-Dems/BBC Agenda2030”

  3. NPP says:

    I like his tone…

    Say it loud, say it proud. This is a vote winner.

    ‘Net zero’ is nonsense

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      He is correct that a modern industrial society needs easily available cheap energy. And currently cannot survive on purely wind and solar as the Net Zero nonsense requires

      Net Zero is a death wish as things stand. Because energy consumption per capita always RISES with affluence and FALLS with poverty. Do we want to be poor? Some might, I don’t

      The lady in the studio typifies the stupidity of the Net Zero crowd. The sheer messianic hubristic smugness of these people is a sight to behold. They offer nothing but assertion, they have no empirical evidence whatsoever that humans are changing the globes temperature. It’s a religion to them,. They are true believers and arguing with them is a waste of energy

      Kurten’s sentiments would certainly be a vote winner round here where I live. Who is he? Never heard of him before

      Btw, all the long term historical evidence shows that rising CO2 is a CONSEQUENCE of rising temperatures, not the CAUSE

      But hey, we will just ignore that and keep doubling down on Climate! Climate! Climate!. That way we can CONTROL all you plebs…