UK Column are controlled opposition.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    They keep to commenting on main media and main political parties. It always seemed like a waste of effort as the main system is dead, and we need new growth. Lots of people in alternative politics and news do a great job of telling you how bad everything is. How many have solutions? Icke. No. Gerrish. No. Most US alternative media bar Mercola, Kennedy, Meryl Nass, Mudfossil who have solutions. In UK there is one. Tap and Teds. It’s the acid test. Do they have solutions?

  2. NPP says:

    Me too then. I’m also controlled opposition.
    This obsession with ‘controlled opposition’ is becoming a mental illness.

    Grow up. Cease the childish tom-foolery.

    Really, this puts me off being involved on this platform.

    Richard D. Hall is frequently in the UKC members chatbox.
    Charles Malet is a superb addition to the team. His interview with the raw milk farmer typified his excellent contributions.

    • ian says:

      Keep your hair on Ned. TBH I know you regard UK Column highly, and expected a response. I feel that if UK Column wasn’t controlled in their approach, then they’d likely be gone. The UKC team seem very good but very careful. I find them ok but lacking in answers, I feel deliberately, to avoid incitement charges. As for Richard D Hall, for whatever reason they avoid it, is disappointing to me too. Cowardice, avoidance of attacks by the state, I don’t know. I watch UK Column sometimes, I like Mike Robinson, Alex Thompson, Debbie Evans, and some others, and feel that they do a good job in many respects, just issues like Richard Hall’s case, disappoint me. I can easily be wrong though, and them right, but don’t for goodness sake take it personally Ned, I love your work. I put the article up just because these thoughts are out there, and need noting.

      • NPP says:

        Keep my hair on? Go jump.

        Re Richard D Hall, for whatever reason they avoid it.
        You are lying or ignorant
        They have mentioned & promoted his case for the last several shows.

        This is divisive and unhelpful.

        • ian says:

          Possibly ignorant Ned, I haven’t watched them for a while, keep it civil, I am using information from the article. If it’s not true then point to the truth. It’s alright, I’ll put the toys back into the pram.

  3. newensign says:

    It is for everyone to make their own judgement. I have crossed swords with Brian Garrish personally over his demonization of the Germans, who are our Saxon cousins who made the mistake of giving refuge to the Kaszarian Ashkenasi, who shot them in the back for their kindness. Brian’s lame excuse was he had to do that, because that was the view of the lady that funded them! This immediately rung an alarm bell in my head!
    On the old Brexit list, set up by a friend of mine, there was a lady from Kent, who was well in the know of nefarious goings on of the Kent Masonic lodge, said it was responsible for setting up UKIP as well as Brian Garrish and from her research could find no record of Brian Garrish having been in the navy.
    The enemy is probably more cunning than we give them credit for. They always use truth rapped in a lie as bait for their honey trap to track their enemies.
    The UK Column did a good job in exposing the dangers of the Jab, then so did GBnews which I understand was set up by the MSM mogul, Rupert Murdock. Nothing is black or White – we have to rightly discern the truth using our own judgement.
    I have just been accused of circulating lies re the Tucker Carson Moscow transcript, although I have doubts about him too!!
    Things are starting to hot up now, and in doing so, the enemy is exposing itself big time!

    • NPP says:

      Check your transcript…
      … and you’ll know one way or the other.

    • ian says:

      Re Tucker and Putin, there are people noting that both wear a red thread wrist band?? could be fake but if real, what does that mean N’?

      • newensign says:

        Well spotted Ian. Red as we know is the Communist Colour = Esau/Edom (Gog} who masquerade as God’s chosen, but go under other names as well to keep us confused!!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      “Brian’s lame excuse was he had to do that, because that was the view of the lady that funded them! This immediately rung an alarm bell in my head!”

      Mine too, the alarms are still ringing. It’s the $64,000 question: who funds them? As always then follow the muneee…..

      This should be open and transparent, at the very least easy to find, for any org that is seeking public trust. It might well be for Uk Column for all I know, I’ve never tried to find out. Because I’m not that interested, I always assumed that there were spooks in there. Certainly Alex Thompson, whose intellect I have great respect for, is a self confessed spook, GCHQ if I recall

      So who funds them? Can anyone enlighten me?

      • ian says:

        public funding to a degree Pete, but that might just be a laundering scam. I am not sure about them, but to my mind, they were tame, though, and give credit where it’s due, they have educated a lot of normies, at least so far along the wake up trail. Again though, this might be the agenda. All gates to get more info are closed. As you say, Alex is amazing.
        Then again. They may be just careful. ????? for Ned. I’d like Ned to be right.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          When you say “public funding” Ian do you mean the great unwashed, or the State? I presume that you mean the general public via subscription and the like. Maybe that is the sum total of their funding. But Newensign clearly says that’s not the case above

          I became frustrated by their refusal to go the whole 9 yards too and I stopped viewing them as a result, thinking that there is often something missing from their analysis, and that I was not their target audience anymore. Not a problem, they used to do really good stuff when I watched them, just that I felt I’d outgrown them and they weren’t digging deeply enough

          Funding is still the $64,000 question. Can anyone be more specific about that?