The Three Horse Parade – Death of Lord Rothschild?

The Rothschild family announced on Monday that the globalist financier and head of the Rothschild Empire, “Lord” Jacob Rothschild, passed away at age 87. Note the date of death is not given.

A few days ago a mysterious parade took place in London which was posted on Facebook of 3 Horse Guards on 2 black and 1 white parading down the Mall. Click on Link Below

The death of Lord Rothschild could be the answer to the “3 Horses Parade”, which  may explain the 2 black furled flags and 1 dipped flag, paraded in London recently.  The 3 horses would represent The City of London, Washington DC and The Vatican (the 3 evil frogs of Revelation). Black and white represents the checkerboard logo of the City – the 64 acres of the financial centre. The white horse with the rider of the dipped flag and a red coat representing Whitehall with red representing Esau from where the world is ruled.

Below, is an announcement posted on Twitter by the Rothschild Family. Note the date of death is not given.

Soon after the death announcement, “Satan” began trending online due to users sharing an image of the recently-deceased Rothschild posing with creepy artist Marina Abramovic in front of a huge mural of the Thomas Lawrence painting, “Satan Summoning His Legions.”




4 Responses to “The Three Horse Parade – Death of Lord Rothschild?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    By way of a personal tribute …..

    A lesson in sympathy from the incomparable Battery Sgt Major Williams played by Windsor Davies

  2. Tapestry says:

    That was fun. Is Tony Blair potentially a main mourner? Tony looks nothing like Theo Blair who lived near us.

  3. newensign says:

    Yes Sovereigntea, was he worth even that?

  4. newensign says:

    I have no idea Tap, but Blair licked his boots for long enough, so it would only be someone like him who would even bother going!