The gods and spirits are speaking to you – so listen up

In our film series GODS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD, the Enigma Channel team present remarkable footage of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and Taiwanese people being possessed by spirits, who then write messages in sand in front huge crowds…

Chinese ‘fuji spirit-writing’ is a kind of OUIJA – but is performed in public and the author of the messages is possessed by a spirit. Fuji planchette-writing became popular during the Song dynasty (960-1279), when authors like Shen Kuo and Su Shi associated its origins with summoning a spirit called ‘Zigu’ – of course much of this occult knowledge and the day-time ceremonies were suppressed during the Red Terror days of Communism…

Our TV series GODS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD shows how a person becomes possessed by a shen (神, “spirit; god”) or ‘Xian’ whilst their assistants interpret the messages from the spirit – and often make generous offerings of rice wine – in many instances the possessed person is daubed in charcoal dust – yes, it’s amazing – but rarely ever featured on television – and is barely spoken about – even though thousands of people attend these ceremonies which take place in broad daylight and usually in the middle of the street!

Fuji Spirit Writing was incorporated into Daoism. Planchette writing was applied to reveal ‘celestial writing’ and to compose other Daoist scriptures. Millions of Taiwanese and Chinese people believe that Immortal spirits can descend through the planchette to educate people – the messages are scribbled at great speed in sand or fine incense ashes.

Various spirit-writing clubs called PHOENIX CLUBS have emerged in the oriental world – and they publish books filled with references to texts produced through this Chinese fuji spirit-writing… But that’s just the start…

When Chinese planchette writing began to be practised on an altar, it was standardised and borrowed various Daoist skills, talismans, and incantations to summon the gods.

The mainstream media have never once broadcast this ancient form of psychic communication – even though many of the participants are speaking to spirits inside factories where your television, washing machine and microwave ovens are manufactured! It all happens in broad daylight in industrial factories!

Our film series GODS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD brings to the screen for the first time amazing footage of mediums, oracles, monks and psychics being possessed and imparting information direct from the spirit world.

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TAP – Evil spirits are trying to speak to you 24/7 as you sleep and when you’re awake.  Benign spirits who want to help you also will talk to you from time to time, but they will give up on you if you clearly are not listening.  Open your mind.  You know which are the good voices.  Act on their suggestions or they will bypass you.  Drive out the evil demons from your realm – saying the words ‘Get out of my or our realm – in the name of Jesus Christ’.  Don’t tell me it’s a con.  I’ve seen it done and it changed our lives.  That name is more powerful than you know (probably know) – and he puts you in control of your realm, and can help you to move against the evil that’s besetting you -only when you call..So call.

I’ve witnessed Taoists cutting tongues (Singapore), Japanese talking to Gods in temples (Asakusa) Filipino (Antipolo and elsewhere), Taiwanese possessed medium and Christian exorcist.  Each has different words.  Moslems call the demons the jinn same as the jeanie of the lamp in Aladdin.  Our word is Jesus Christ to drive them out.  Our governments are possessed.  Many corporate owners and directors.  Social workers, some teachers, priests.  Evil pops in everywhere so be ready to stand your ground.  Ask, demand and also listen.  When they want you to act, act.  Don’t ask why or hesitate or they’ll move on.