The Game is Over for NATO – Netanyahu not winning | Dmitry Orlov – Dialogue works

My notes:

Newland goodbye tour, no Russian experts left in US. Zelensky is done, detached from reality, world of his own, Zaluzny more reasonable. Russia taking territory, with minimal losses

Unprofitable wars ring alarm bells in Washington, they can’t find their next profitable war. Ukie war is not profitable any more

Maybe Russia says to US, you broke Ukraine so you own it. Russia will take what they want, certainly the Black Sea littoral

Who are the losers? Ukraine and EU, particularly Germany. Losers usually say “sorry about that we made a mistake, please feed us”. Germany doesn’t even make VW’s any more

Finland is basically on strike because no fuel from Russia, gas or wood waste, no tourism from Russia, so working longer hours for less pay. Finnish experience will spread throughout Europe making for lots of unhappy folk

EU has no viable alternative to Russian gas at the same price. Liquid gas is inefficient and very expensive ie fracked gas and oil which is very short term production, dries up quickly. Middle East gains from high energy prices

China tough negotiators for Russian gas slack. China only interested in China, nobody else. It’s always business, politics follows

The whole world knows that Ukraine, EU and US lost and Russia is winning

Russia and China mutually cooperation works for both countries

Germany and Japan have no ability to make their own decisions, they do what Uncle Sam tells them, they aren’t sovereign [me: and haven’t been since WW2]

Washingtonians are grasping at straws knowing they are losing their grip on the world

How serious is war with Iran? It’s a long term dream that never happens and Iran has proxies all over the ME now. All it needs to do is supply rockets. US has no effective possible response. The US will pull out in the end. How long will it take? Will it be orderly or like Afghan retreat, chaotic and all weapons left behind. To Create a massive black market. US doesn’t have the industrial capacity for war with Iran, nor enough fuel. Ditto Russia, China etc etc. It’s all talk. Senile US pols don’t know which ‘stan is which

Netanyahu is toxic now. Gaza failed, Hamas not defeated and won’t be. But genocide is ongoing and a disaster for Israel, the whole world sees this. Israel has to change tack. Problems all over Israel now, they are losing control. No end to it. When more Israelis leave it will be over. Once Islamics are your enemy there are only two solutions, you need to die or pay blood money. Israel doesn’t have enough blood money so long term revenge is likely. Vast majority of Israelis hate Palestinians and want to kill them but can’t. So they will leave. Nowhere else to hide. It won’t be nice, no nice solution for Israel

Pakistan is another occupied territory. CIA acts with impunity there. Imran talked with Putin just as the SMO was kicking off. That sealed his fate, not allowed by West, retribution in progress


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