The Enigma of the Lost Empire: Russian President Vladimir Putin Makes New Tartaria Archive Public (Must See Video)


In an epoch-making revelation, Russian President Vladimir Putin takes the world by storm, inaugurating a new archive and casting light on the shadowy history of the once colossal empire, Tartaria. A ghost from the past re-emerges, beckoning us to re-examine our understanding of world history. More – Link below:

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6 Responses to “The Enigma of the Lost Empire: Russian President Vladimir Putin Makes New Tartaria Archive Public (Must See Video)”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Excellent post newensign, thanks so much. The linked article makes sense to me, I will watch the vid later

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I just tried to watch the vids and they seem like clickbait! The bottom one is from somebodies Rumble account but no direct link so I can’t see who. It is about mudflood building by the looks, but I’m not spending an hour viewing Anonymous material on a very small screen, it won’t expand on my pc

      I can’t find anything about American Media Group either. I can find American Media Inc but no way of knowing if that is the same, I doubt it. There is no “Who we are” or anything similar. either So I am now very suspicious about them. The website is slick in appearance but no names, no faces and no ownership. Always a bad sign

      If anybody can find a better way in then please let me know. I’ve given up

      • newensign says:

        I noticed that when I tried later, I will ask the person who sent it to me originally from the USA, but I suspect the censors have been busy. If I can get the info I will pass it onto you Pete.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Thanks newensign you are very kind

          It’s tantalising. I know that many pooh pooh the Tartaria story. But I’ve got an open mind

          I ‘m no expert but, from what I’ve seen so far, from John Levi and his ilk then, there is something very big missing from our official histories

          The many “mudflood” buildings, with basements that were very clearly once the ground floor, is very puzzling. All over the world too…

          The star forts as well. Levi shows that the San Francisco star fort predated the city! Made from millions of bricks with high masonry skills involved but with no settlers, hence no brickworks. How did that work?

          Btw, I was recently researching some history of the Caribbean from my wife’s incredibly rich Jewish genealogy. [She’s a lapsed Jew who had a Bat Mitzvah when 13, but never practised as an adult] Some of her ancestors were from Jamaica. So I was using the book “Jewish pirates of the Caribbean” by Edward Kritzler, as recommended by Miles Mathis

          A very very interesting book too. Jamaica was the worlds premier “Sin City” in the 1600’s, with “Jew Street” as the main thoroughfare, and pirates galore! Jews were burnt at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition and so lots converted to Christianity as a cover. They were called “Converso’s” or “Portugese”, because lots were Sephardic Iberians kicked out by the Royals

          And Jamaica was NOT Spanish it was owned by Christopher Columbus’s descendants, I kid you not! So it was a much safer place for Jews than anywhere else in the New World, the Spanish Main, or the most of the islands

          Anyhow Kritzler kept referencing “New Amsterdam” which I soon realised became “New York” after England kicked out the Dutch

          Lo and behold, what used to be at the bottom of Manhattan island when it was an embryonic settlement? A star fort!

          Wiki glossed it saying that it was inconsequential. Ready Wiki? Well you would say that wouldn’t you…

          • newensign says:

            Thanks for that interesting info on Jamaica which is new to me. William of Orange, that hooked nose Monarch, it was he who changed the name New Amsterdam to New York in honour of his Queen from the House of York (that was the official reason!) but really to honour the Jews burnt to death when they took refuge in Clifford Tower in York! William had an organisation called “Spreading The Gospel”, which was shipping Irish Slaves in ships, then to Africa for black slaves. then off loaded them in the West Indies to work on the sugar plantations, where the Irish and blacks were interbred to make a more usable slave for the future. They then sailed back to England with the sugar, so making 3 profits! America was known to Europe long before Columbus (who was a Jew). Ireland had large Colonies in South America. After the Comet catastrophe in about AD 563 King Arthur sailed to America with 500 ships from Brittany. Yes, I had a job getting my head around Tartaria, but can see now its a continuation of the enemy’s reset! I have still to hear from my friend re the missing videos,

          • newensign says:

            I checked again today Pete on the links and yes they are click bate. I looked at another article on the site and it had click bates too! But the last one worked today, but one has to click off 2 skip ad’s first. It is about Napoleon’s invasion into Russia and strange events – was it to fight Tartaria? I couldn’t get to go full screen, I still have to finish watching. Another one I found was – Tartaria and Buckingham Palace Link: