Russia’s view of the West. Love of money is the root of all evil.

Victoria has been a friend of mine for many years, and a true Russian Patriot for all of her life. A highly educated analyst and philosopher, a dedicated activist, and a true defender of Humanity and soldier in the Information War. This article is well worth reading and sharing. It truly gets to the heart of the problem. As it says in the Bible (1 Timothy 6:10) “The love of money is the root of all evil.” ‼READ AND SHARE‼

Viktoria Mariupolskaya.

What angered the US the most back in the late 80s when they were secretly invading the Soviet Union and hijacking power was the lack of freedom in the USSR. Freedom, democracy and human rights was the official US Government’s rhetoric. It still is the flag under which all US foreign policy decisions are made, including the US military invasions all over the world that take the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

When a journalist Tucker Carlson expresses his freedom and uses his right in a democratic way to TALK (not attack, not kill, not be violent, but ask questions) to someone who’s not acting in the interests of world business monopolies (Vladimir Putin), it’s followed by an extremely violent reaction in the US mainstream media. But when a child is killed somewhere in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Ukraine or elsewhere, there’s a dead silence on US national TV, nobody seems to give a damn about this child’s right to live, his free choice of being safe.

So whenever you hear them splutter with anger at someone who they call a dictator, a war criminal and so on without bothering to prove their point of view, just remember that world monopolies will continue to profit at the cost of many more hundreds of thousands lives. The expressed anger shows how much they want that profit. It also shows the true dictatorship of those monopolies that they established worldwide.

It’s business. It’s nothing personal. AND NOTHING HUMAN in the monopolies owners.

The top monopoly of all, the brain of this insatiable agry beast is the moneylenders’ business we call “peaceful good-for-the-economy banking”, wanting his loan interest that does not exist in reality. I want to talk about the nature of scam called usury. It is UNNATURAL IN ITS NATURE.

In order for the loan interest to be paid someone in the world HAS TO SACRIFICE SOMETHING. Some people sacrifice their health, others sacrifice their property, and there are always those who unwillinly and unknowngly sacrifice their lives to satisfy the usurer’s appetite.

Healthy ecomony never has a crisis. True economy has nothing to do with making money. True economy is about creating what you consume with your own two hands and your own head. True economy is about being self-sufficient and living in harmony with nature. Healthy economy not only does not need usury it is also being destroyed by usury and turned into chrematistics. Chrematistics is about making money, economy is about making what you need. See the difference? The difference is night and day.

Economic crisis is when the usurer wants his loan interest back and the world does not have “the extra money”. After getting a credit, the maximum the world can give back is 100% of this credit. But the very idea of usury (THIS IS WHAT MAKES IT UNNATURAL AND THIS IS WHAT TAKES THE LIVES OF PEOPLE) is that the world pays back 105%, 110%, 120% depending on the interest rate. Where do those 5%, 10%, 20% come from? The only source they come from is when someone looses something (car, house, land, business, power, health, life). HUMANKIND SACRIFICES LIVES OF ITS CHILDREN IN ORDER TO PAY INTEREST LOAN INSTEAD OF MAKING USURY ILLEGAL. This is what makes our world crazy.

I beg you after reading this to start relating the legalization of usury (which you’ve done nothing about) with the children being killed around the world in the name of freedom democracy and human rights. It all comes down to YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS USURY.

As long as you are OK with the legalization of usury it doesn’t matter whether you are against Ukrainian Nazis or Israeli Nazis or some other clearly evil force on our planet. The future of the world rests on YOUR desicion about usury. Do you see what its legalization does to our world? As long as YOU ALLOW USURY TO REMAIN LEGAL YOU ALLOW THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM TO EXIST AND YOU ALLOW WAR CRIMES TO CONTINUE.

When you finally get it ONLY THEN you can begin making changes for the better. Please get it today. Please see the connection between usury, lies and war crimes. Once usury is illegal worldwide the madness will stop. Get it? Get it today!

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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    An excellent post! She is absolutely correct in what she says

    Her follow up post from yesterday is equally informative and excellent. I will post it here myself in a minute