Putin didn’t need to go back to 832AD to explain why US is at war with Russia, he could have started in 1913

Bold is my emphasis

“After watching Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin I got an impression that Tucker was trying to get to the root of the problem of the US-Russia conflict and was hoping that Putin was the one who could bring clarity but Tucker didn’t get all of his questions answered. Putin clearly showed that he himself doesn’t understand what’s going on and what motivates the US Government to excalate the conflict. I believe that this is the key question that is left unanswered simply because Putin was the wrong person to ask. He defends Russian interests but he is not an analyst and he has never lived in the US to know how to communicate his point the American way. He decided to give a historical preview hoping that it will shed some light on the subject. In the end it made it harder to understand him rather than got to the heart of the problem.

I have an experience living in the US. I went to Graduate School in the US and learned to overcome the cultural differences without loosing my Russian identity and patriotism.

One of Tucker’s phrases caught my attention. He said that this war between Russia and Ukraine is destroying US economy. I’d like to ask Tucker what he means by that. I find it the most ridiculous thing to say. How can a war thousands of miles away from US borders that US military is not involved in can possible affect the economy inside the US borders? If he means that US is providing Ukraine with weapons and finaces and that this selfless “help” has become a burden on US taxpayers’ shoulders, then it’s not Putin’s decision is what created that burden, but the White House decision to provide for the Ukrainian Government that is at conflict with Russia. Had the White House NOT decide to send weapons and finances to Ukraine there wouldn’t be an extra burden on US taxpayers, would it? So it’s not “Putin’s war” that changes US economy. I think it’s important to stress out where the source of destruction is located.

I also want to add that there is a factor that has been destroying US economy since 1913. It acts from within the US and clearly has nothing to do with Putin. The guy wasn’t even born in 1913! This very factor is closely related to the very existence of the CIA. And this very factor is what’s driving all the shameless lies in Washington and the escalation of the US-Russia conflict.

Before I explain what I’ve just said I want to tell you what brought me to the US in 1999 and why I came back to Russia in 2008. In 1999 I was a fresh alumnus from a prestigious Russian University left by US CIA homeless and unemployed without an ID card. Not only did the CIA ruin my career, they nearly killed me. Over 30 million casualties Russia suffered due to the CIA’s secret invasion into the USSR and hijacking power in the 1990s. The damage to the Russian economy as a result of that invasion exceeded the total damage done by the Nazis Germany to our country during WWII several times! Damage done during 1996 alone exceeded the damage done by the Nazis two and a half times! Russia has never recovered from it ever since.

I was forced to leave Russia for the US in order to survive. I’m a Russian citizen, never changed citizenship, never had another one and don’t want aother one. I love Russia and I want to live here and for my kids to live here. Now I’ll tell you why I came back to Russia.

US mainstream media began to demonize Putin when I was in the US. It was 2007. After observing US military attack on Afganistan and Iraq with previous demonization of Afganistan and Iraq on US national television I made a conclusion that US is going to launch a military attack on Russia. It was very logical. I simply followed the sequence of events: demonization of Afganistan by US mainstream media, then invasion of Afganistan by US military, then demonization of Iraq by US mainstream media, then invasion of Iraq by US military, then demonization of Russia by US mainstream media… Logically shouldn’t this be follwed by an invasion of Russia by US military? I concluded that it’s what I should expect. I fel that the escalation of the US-Russia conflict began at that moment. I felt unsafe within the US and powerless to prevent the upcoming invasion. I moved back to Russia in 2008 seeking safety and ways to defend Russia from within where it’s much more effective. So intuitively without ever speaking to Putin I felt exactly like he did about the external threat for Russia coming from the US.

Vladimir Putin didn’t feel the need to explain the actual threat US imposes. Therefore Tucker concluded that it was Putin’s personal disappointment with “not being accepted by the West” is what’s at the heart of the conflict. But that’s not true. It’s the feeling of safety that’s at the heart of the conflict. The lack of that feeling of safelty is the result of the destructive US foreign policy Putin described. And when I say “feeling of safety” I don’t mean Putin’s being affraid for his own life. I mean the safety of Russian people like myself Putin feels responsible for. He feels that his duty is to protect the entire Russian population from harm’s way. There truly is danger coming from within US. And when Tucker expresses concerns with US Government’s actions he intuitively feels the same danger but can’t put his finger on it. Unfortunately, Putin didn’t help much to understand what that source of danger was and why it imposed a threat on Russia.

Since the coup in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014 I’ve been taking part in the Information War against the liars and fakes. Some people see me as a journalist. Others describe me as an analyst. The root of the US-Russia conflict was at the center of my interest. I explored what motivates the liars in Washington, what’s their end goal and most importantly what can be done about that. I concluded that it’s not only a military conflict as it may seem, it’s kind of economic conflict, but it’s best classified as a religious conflict with Putin having one God (creative and peaceful) and people in Washington having a completely different God (destructive and bloodthirsty). Creative God unites people and builds healthy self-relying economy that never has a crisis. Destructive God turns economy into chrematictics and drives people apart by the money-making motive. Chrematistics periodically has a crisis. It can’t not have a crisis because unlike healthy economy it’s unnatural.

What makes chrematistics unnatural is the legalized usury. 500 hundred years ago usury was illegal all over the world. Our ancestors both in Europe and Russia knew very well that it’s a scam that destroys every society and every economy. It is unnatural to give back two cars when you took one as a loan. It is unnatural to give back two houses when you took one as a loan. Usurers simply take advantage of our lack of support and our inability to overcome cultural differences and take responsibility of managing word finances. The crisis is nothing more than society’s inability to give back more than it took as a collective loan. The only source the loan interest can come from is someone else’s sacrificing something (property, land, health, lives).

Usury creates division. It creates not only classes of rich and poor, exploiters and exploited, but also the society of takers and the society of loosers. And when usurers manage world finances it becomes a disaster.

The power in the US has been hijacked by the usurers in 1913. It was the first time in human history that usurers began managing world finances. Every central bank in the world is their private bank and a basis of their power over the world. All central banks in the world no matter where they are located are part of one global network – a united banking business with one family of owners. FRS is their main private bank controling the whole global banking network that was legalized in US in 1913. Shortly after that both World Wars were artificially started by the usurers’ agents working simultaneously in different countries in order for the usurers to get profit from each war itself. It was just business. Nothing personal. Nothing at all. And it was that huge profit from both world wars that made the US such a powerful empire. A very sick way to become powerful. But it is the truth that helps understand the escalation of today’s conflict. In the same way out of the blue the conflict escalated and grew into WWI in 1914 and later escalated again and grew into WWII in 1939. We see history repeat itself because we haven’t learned our lessons. I predict that there will be WWIII full scale with tens of millions of casualties because the leading force driving the world towards a bloody chaotic mess remains unchallenged to this very day. I’m the only one in the world challenging it. And I want Tucker Carlson to help me do so.

Think about it: if you can get away with starting a global war… twice… and making the biggest profit in the human history off of it what’s the next thing you want? Obviously to brainwash the planet’s population so that you are never taken to court and to continue this practice of global wars to profit even more and have your “business” grow. It’s exactly what’s happening. It’s business. It’s nothing personal. Even if a small fraction of human population remains as a result of a new global war the usurers won’t even blink. In fact, that’s the plan – to have as many killed as possible. Of course, it’s done in conspiracy. You wouldn’t talk about plans like that openly, would you? That’s why I mentioned two different Gods right away. Usurer’s God says it’s not only OK but it’s actually their sacred duty. If they began to care for others that would be a betrayal of their God. It’s a deeply religious thing for them. That is why you see no shame when the lies are exposed. Shame is what people believing in creative and peaceful God feel. Those believing in destructive and bloodthirsty God feel no shame at all.

Putin didn’t have much time analyzing the root of the confluct because he was buzy making decisions how to save the lives of Russian people, how to provide safety for our country and how to improve the lives of Russian people. I on the other hand had all the time I could possibly have to go through many details concerning political, economical, cultural, millitary, religious and other issues. I also learned a lot from history but I don’t think we need to go back to the year 862 to understand what’s happening to us now.

If Tucker wants to know more about my findings or perhaps factual information prooving my point, I welcome him back to Russia to interview me. Please let me know if he is interested by replying to this e-mail message.


Source: https://vk.com/ideadanceco

Of course the problem goes way further back than 1913 but that would certainly be a good starting point for brainwashed westerners