Put on your baby girl panties…Meryl Nass

The the WHO lawyers are trying to play us, saying the nations are sovereign because they still make the laws. What the WHO omits saying is that under the Treaty and proposed IHR Amendments, nations will be forced to pass the laws that the WHO tell them to pass. Examples of this and other word games below.

First the treaty tells you that unhindered, timely access to information is a general principle. Then it adds the caveat that transparency means open access to “accurate” information.

Then a few pages later the treaty demands that nations perform “infodemic management”—which requires not only censorship, but also surveillance of everyone’s social media footprint, so the nation will know who and what to censor. This violates both the First and Fourth Amendments to the US Constitution.

Not only that, but the censorship should be performed with international collaboration—so all nations can target the same misinformatin spreaders and there will be nowhere to hide. Finally, they want to make sure you Trust the(ir) Science.

Below, the treaty is forced to admit that the so-called sovereignty that Tedros claims we will retain— the ability to pass laws—will in fact be subject to the orders of the WHO.

The WHO treaty draft requires that every nation pass laws to legalize Emergency Use Authorizations, so that unlicensed vaccines can be given to populations during a WHO-declared pandemic. You know, like a Monkeypox pandemic. There are no standards required and the WHO Director-General can declare any pandemic whenever he wants. Then the needles come out.

The WHO also demands that nations pass the laws needed to remove all liability from these untested and potentially deadly vaccines. Who’s sovereign now?

So you see, the WHO has just played a bunch of word games and they intended for us to be the suckers and go along, ignorant. So long as the Treaty and IHR Amendments still let nations make laws, the WHO insists on calling us sovereign. But the real sovereign is the one ordering that laws be passed. That’s the real power. Why would anyone give that up to the WHO, especially when its Director-General is a puppet for Bill Gates, is not a real doctor, and has been accused of withholding food and hiding 3 cholera epidemics to kill members of competing tribes in his native Ethiopia, when he was the #3 top official there? Do you really think he cares about your health during a pandemic?

So you can wait idly by as these treaties move ahead, or you can say ‘Hell No!’ and put on your big girl panties and decide you have finally had enough. Which will it be?




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3 Responses to “Put on your baby girl panties…Meryl Nass”

  1. ian says:

    A very timely much needed post Henry. Thanks.

  2. newensign says:

    We must become a sovereign Nation again and leave the UN.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    As ever the Money Power lurks behind all this. He who pays the piper calls the tune


    “The curious case of the IMF loans for Belarus
    Back in June 2020 I noted that Belarus’ president Alexander Lukashenko publicly snubbed a $940 million line of credit from the International Monetary Fund. He rejected it because the IMF conditioned the loan on Belarus imposing a strict Covid 19 lockdown policy and a curfew. At the time I thought it was very strange that the IMF would offer loans to a nation while at the same time setting conditions which would severely impair that nation’s ability to repay.

    Apparently, a number of other nations received similar offers from the IMF and/or the World Bank, but it was only thanks to Mr. Lukashenko disclosing it publicly that we knew about the Covid 19 conditionality attached to such offers. Significantly, Lukashenko mentioned on several occasions that the IMF negotiators wanted Belarus to do “like in Italy.” Other nations and governments who accepted the money may have quietly agreed to the conditionality which they forgot to disclose to the rest of us.

    As of April 2020, 85 nations had requested financial assistance from the IMF. Deeply in debt and with severely damaged economies, most governments around the world needed loans, making them prey to the dictates of money power. To secure the needed funds they may have agreed to shutting down their economies, restricting their population’s freedom of movement, created Stasi-like contact-tracing structures and closed down the schools.”