Poland’s Duda declares for Trump who wants Ukraine war to end

Watch after 25 minutes for this detail.

Battle for Avdiivka is nearly over with Russian victory.  Zeluzhny, Ukraine’s military CIC resigns/is sacked.

Poland’s President Duda is vocally backing Trump even though Biden is still President.

Tucker Carlson is interviewing Putin in Moscow.

The writing of a Russian victory is on the wall in every direction.

Hungary and Slovakia Presidents/PMs Fico and Orban are openly backing Russia despite EU threats.

How far will the political collapse go?  A long way we might hope.

If you’re still flying a Ukraine flag outside your house, this might be a good moment to pull it down.

Ukraine is press-ganging men up to 60 off the street to go and be killed in this pointless and unnecessary war.

Your support merely ensures many more have died than needed to.

Keep out of supporting wars.  Always.

Join the English Democrats and look to make peace in the world and stop sanctions at every opportunity.

End the UK which is the main agent of war in the world everywhere.

England must go for independence through an exit UK referendum.

I wouldn’t trust Trump too far either.  He is only trying to stop world government collapsing and can see the devastating collpase that will follow a mojor Russian victory.

He didn’t want the war with Russia but he was gung-ho to vaxx America.  They’re all depopulationists.  Trump will do it wth a smile on his face talking appealing slogans, while Clintons and Obamas openly revel in the blood and gore.  We still have a long long way to go.  BUt maybe the first signs of some kind of chnage are happening.  Hope is permitted.

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