Pfizer aim to kill billions

. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, of course, since I have better things to
do . . . like clip my toenails. But someone sent me the Pfizer commercial that aired during the game,
and oh was it awful in its miscalculation. Pfizer just murdered millions of people worldwide, destroyed
the economy, stole trillions from the treasury, and told an infinitude of lies, but somehow their
publicity team thought the way to deal with that was by turning the volume up to 11 on their self
congratulatory gloating, spending millions on a commercial to continue forcing themselves down our
throats. Typical Phoenician behavior. They compared their founder Charles Pfizer to Isaac Newton,
Archimedes, Copernicus, Hippocrates, Einstein, Galileo, and Rembrandt, and ended by claiming they
were about to cure cancer.

Just a few more trillions from the treasury, honest, and that will happen!
All to a Queen soundtrack, with all these famous people singing along through their portraits on the
walls of museums. Even worse than Bill Gates coopting Leonardo’s images to sell his crap computers.
It just proves once again these rich people have gone completely nuts. They have always been
despicable, but now they are clinically insane, since only the insane would think this commercial was a
success. Someone actually ordered this commercial, tested it, and passed it for release. That person or
persons has his head so far up his Phoenix he can’t smell it burning.

Oh, and one other thing. At the end of that Pfizer commercial, they don’t say they are going to cure
cancer, they say they are going to “outdo” it. But does “outdo” mean cure?

It means something completely different, doesn’t it? To me it means they are working on
something even more deadly than cancer. The vaccine was just the first part of that. They are just
kicking you while you are down with this commercial. Telling you what they are doing and thinking
you are too stupid to see what is right in front of you.


One Response to “Pfizer aim to kill billions”

  1. ian says:

    And the masses keep drinking the Koolaid.
    They wander round like sheep in a slaughterhouse holding field, unaware where they are.