Navalny was CIA/Mossad asset. Was he ki**** to counter Tucker’s Putin interview and to silence the truth. Video.

Those who still claim Nawalny was a political prisoner should know the reason he was arrested is because he was caught asking an MI6 officer for $10-20 million a year to start a color revolution in Russia. In the US or Europe, this right-wing extremist would have been punished even more severely for such plans of overthrow. On the other hand, Julian Assange was arrested for exposing the war crimes and corruption of Western politicians. Therefore, it is a tragedy that both our politicians and journalists support someone who intended to overthrow a democratically elected government, while a person who exposed the criminal activities of domestic politicians is ignored and a serious criminal is held in solitary confinement. Our enemy does not sit in Moscow, but in our own parliaments.

Post would not publish with the full word in letters.  Curious.  This next video is slanted somewhat but gives a bit of background.


2 Responses to “Navalny was CIA/Mossad asset. Was he ki**** to counter Tucker’s Putin interview and to silence the truth. Video.”

  1. Gordon says:

    I think the comments regarding the YouTube video say it all but for myself, I have to say thanks to Henry for this excellent post by Redacted.

    When I first watched on mainstream media channels last night I couldn’t help but think of the hypocrisy of Western governments, especially the US and UK, and how they condemned Putin for the killing of Nawalny without the slightest evidence of proof and took the opportunity to portray the Russian leader as an evil madman yet not a single word of condemnation is uttered against the killing of close to 30,000 (The true figure will no doubt be double) innocent Palestinian people in Gaza by the rogue Zionist regime in Israel.

    And yes! Clearly, the West’s push to oust Putin and install their puppet and their brand of Demoncracy, the rape of Russian resources.

  2. Belyi says:

    Remember how Jeremy Corbyn got attacked for suggesting it would be judicious to await some proof before saying the Skripals were murdered by Moscow?