A group of 22 ewes and lambs found dead in a Conwy farm shed may have suffered horrifically in their final moments, police suspect. The animals had no visible injuries and the cause of death has not been established.

Despite the absence of bite marks, North Wales Police (NWP) believe a dog may have been responsible for the deaths. The sheep died in a lambing shed on a farm in Llannefydd some time between 6.30pm on Monday and 8.30am on Tuesday, February 5-6. Other sheep in the shed survived.

It’s thought the animals may have been frightened to death by a marauding dog. The NWP rural crime team said: “We suspect a dog has entered the shed and panicked the large flock into a corner, resulting in a number of the animals suffocating. The animals must have been penned into the corner for some time.

TAP – If the animals suffocated, that could easily be established as a fact.  So they didn’t.

Why is there so much theorising going on here?  Why the soft focus picture?  Why no post mortem examination?

What were the animals eating?  The stomachs look bloated to my eye.  All very strange.  This is being passed off as UFO-type mystery when a competent vet could give the answer in a ten minute examination.

What’s being covered up here?  The expansion of Police powers to confiscate dogs they judge to be dangerous is also big brother creeping into the picture.  See article.  They obviously need some ‘mysteries’ to justify the newer more interventionist regime.  Keep your sheep dogs hidden, lads.  Are they being targeted next to make hill farming next to impossible?