‘Managing liability’ simply means removing liability

Maybe 5% of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendment negotiations are about a trade agreement. The other 95% are about global control of information, pandemics and medicine through the WHO

Don’t let yourself be confused. I wish I didn’t need to make this clarification, but many have asked me to do so.

It is true that the developing nations were promised cheap drugs and vaccines and assistance for their health systems if they went along with the WHO, and that this would come in part from the promised loosening of patent protections. the But with the sinking of Moderna and Pfizer’s stock prices, Big Pharma does not want to give up any patent protections and expects the developed nations to be the ones providing charitable donations, not themselves. No surprises here.

But this apparent conflict is really of little consequence, because when a pandemic hits, what you need is access to what is already available. You don’t want to wait for newly patented drugs and vaccines; you want repurposed (existing) drugs, maybe vaccines, and most of them are already off patent. Patent exclusivity and the cost of newly developed drugs and vaccines (which may not work and could be harmful) are not the developing nations’ primary concern. Framing what the WHO proposed as such is simply wrong.

The real controversy is whether the developing nations can be inveigled (tricked or bribed) into giving up human rights, imposing massive surveillance and sharing the data with the WHO, censoring their citizens, and allowing the WHO to issue orders they will have to obey. Will they be given enough goodies to go along with the WHO program, or not? The developing nations have nothing to gain from most of what is in the treaty and amendment drafts, and so it is no surprise they are unimpressed and holding back. Good for them!

Furthermore, they know they dodged a bullet by NOT vaccinating their populations. They aren’t stupid. They know they have been targeted for mandatory vaccinations next time. They know their birth rate (5 babies per female in Africa) is yet another target.

If this was only about a trade agreement, why is everyone talking about the loss of sovereignty, the imposition of global censorship, and global governance being brought in under the guise of “pandemic preparedness”? Because those are the real issues. Don’t let yourself be fooled that this is merely a trade disagreement.

The WHO has been co-opted in an attempt at a global “soft coup” in which most western governments are sadly complicit, and there really cannot be any argument about what the issues are, since it is all right there in the documents themselves. A trade disagreement is only a minuscule piece of what these documents are really about.

Here are a number of examples I collected that show we have been lied to about the WHO’s agenda. I have made it easy for you to look them up for yourself, as I link to the WHO documents below.

Latest treaty draft: https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/pdf_files/inb7/A_INB7_3-en.pdf

IHR proposed amendments, which the World Council for Health has color-coded to make it very easy to see what has been proposed as changes and additions: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/WGIHR_Redlined-words-of-Proposed-Amendement-Compilation-en.pdf