Manage your health via your gut. Don’t be too clean. Eat from nature.

Roger Spurr sounds incredulous at the ignorance of the medical world, as he shows you a film of the fluid filled highway which runs everywhere in your body, and which sends around communicator cells that find the bad items in your body such as cancer, and then calls on the fighting cells that appear and eat up the disease.  You need the right bacteria in your fluid filled highway to produce the enzymes that accelerate the curing process, the gathering of toxins and cancers, and the dumping them out to the lymphatic system.

You only get cancers if you don’t have the right bacteria to produce the enzymes and proteins to kill the cancer and remove the toxicity.

What lowers and reduces the bacteria in your body?  Anti-biotics.

What stops you growing enough bacteria in your body?  Excessive hygiene, artificial soaps, lack of access to bacteria.

Why did people not get cancers a hundred years ago?  They were filthy and usually bathed in dirty water.  They had no anti-biotics.

They were eating food that were not irradiated like today, and which was not 100% ‘cleaned’.  Fresh and a bit dirty (by modern standards) – straight from the hand.

Work it out.

Cancers need feeding – so fast like crazy and keep glucose levels as low as you can.

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