Lawfare goes wild.

 I have not had a medical license in Massachusetts for 25 years. But now Massachusetts wants to initiate disciplinary action against me, because… Quoting from their letter:

“This Board has the authority to discipline a physician who has been disciplined in another jurisdiction”

magine this is like being at the OK Corral, and the sheriff from another town coming up and saying, “We don’t like your kind.” What a totally obnoxious letter. I suppose some flunky didn’t like the fact that 22 members of the Maine legislature protested my license suspension and went on a search to figure out what else they might be able to do to me. I have not even had a speeding ticket in about 15 years.

Do you think Massachusetts will ask for a payment? Is this going to be the equivalent of the new government crime of asset seizure, just because you happened to be in your car with an asset? Just because I had a Massachusetts license once? Or do they just want to run up my legal bills? Do the Board members really have so much time on their hands that they want to punish a nonresident (for 27 years), unlicensed doctor?

The new normal is such fun. I might just show up in person.

I have an “inchoate right” to renew my license and therefore that gives them the right to **** with me?

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