Jordan government states that attack on US base was not in Jordan, as stated by media.

Scott Ritter explains.  The US bases in Syria are illegal, which is where the alleged drone strike took place.  There have been many such attacks.  What is the strategy, if any?  US seems to want a war with Iran.  This is crazy.  The attack was not Iranian but a third party in possession of Iranian drones.  Iranians could decimate US bases in the region using their missiles, killing thousands.  Netanyahu is delighted that US is striking Iran.  US will definitely lose.

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3 Responses to “Jordan government states that attack on US base was not in Jordan, as stated by media.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    That makes sense. The US cannot play this up too hard because those Syrian bases are illegal. Maybe not illegal under their “rules based order”, because their “rules” are flexible to suit the hegemon. But they can’t over play this because that will raise questions like “What are the illegal US bases in Syria actually there for? What are they actually doing?

    Same with the “Iran attacked us” narrative. Show us the evidence? What did Iran actually do? Answer, they supplied some drones to a third party. Which is what the US/UK does all the time, pot, kettle, black

    This is all very weak and shows just how weak the hegemon is becoming. They are losing and they know it. Attack Iran? No chance because Iran has the missiles to defend itself. The US navy are sitting ducks. It’s all hot air. If they were going to attack Iran for this Hollywood show then, it would have already happened by now