One Response to “Interview on Tucker’s own channel”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I found this very enjoyable for a number of reasons. It is certainly not for the short attention span, instant answer, mind mush, Twit Westerners, who probably won’t get past the first 10 minutes…..

    The first hour is like a Russian history lesson. Vlad starts at 832AD and explains the Russian/Ukraine relationship with lots of detail. Kiev was of course the first Russian capital city, before Moscow/St P. He brings it right up to date and thoroughly exposes the lie that all this started with a “Russian invasion” in 2022. He completely demolishes that nonsense…

    The second hour was more wide ranging and more enjoyable. Vlad covers a lot of issues including, Nordstream, US debt $33 trillion, US $ as a geopolitical weapon, sanctions, BRICS, China and a lot more. He calls US$ weaponization “A stupid thing for the US to do, a grave mistake”

    He refers to the totally inadequate US political Establishment with it’s childish, personality based, ya boo politics. Saying “It’s not about personalities, it’s about the elites mindset”. Implying correctly that all politicians are just lower level frontmen for the hidden elites in all countries. It is certainly clear after 2 hours that the Russkie frontman is a cut above the moron US/UK/EU idiots. Vlad can hold 4 hour press conferences, Joke Biden can’t last 4 minutes without shooting himself in the foot….

    Vlad doesn’t spout continuous lies like our lot either. He covered a lot of issues in a very matter for fact way. He spoke a lot of truth, so he’s worth listening to. Maybe that’s why, like most Western truth tellers, he’s totally censored and cancelled in the West. Westerners don’t get to hear the Russian view usually. They have to rely on our lying, liar, joke “politicians”, and our lying liar “journalists” and “media”

    Finally, I have no illusions about Putin being the “good guy” as many awake folk seem to think. Anyone in that position cannot be “good”, by definition