ICJ decision clearly a victory for Russia

You probably haven’t heard, but the ICJ today threw out almost all the case brought against Russia by Ukraine over the invasion. “Clearly a victory for Russia” France 24 reports. Yeah, which is why the Western media is saying *nothing* about it..
‘Clearly a victory for Russia’ as ICJ dismisses bulk of Ukraine’s…
The United Nations’ top court on Wednesday mostly rejected Ukraine’s claims that Russia was financing terrorism.
This is hugely significant because effectively, Ukraine and its Western backers poured enormous time, energy, and money into proving everything Western media/governments were saying about the Maidan government’s brutal Donbas crackdown for eight years was true. And they failed.

Kit Klarenberg
Last year, in another eerily unnoticed bombshell, a UN commission specifically set up to prove “genocide” in Ukraine ruled there was none. Ukraine had teams of US and British lawyers and Western-funded orgs trying to unearth evidence of genocide. And they found fuck all.