Global climate affected by scrubbing of expanding atmosphere

Forget nonsense about carbon being a greenhouse gas.

However burning fuels converting liquids and solids into gases has effects.  The same material expands up to 2000 times requiring more space (literally).

As the atmosphere expands, it rubs against other electrical forces in ‘space’ (space never was a void) causing the ionosphere to heat up to very high temperatures. 1500 degrees centigrade.  It used to be cold.

This heat in turn affects weather back on the earth’s surface.  The mesosphere on the other hand is getting colder.  Then it gets hotter down on the earth’s surface which is why we are getting hotter, and more pressurised.  Hurricanes.  Hail. Tornadoes.  Violence in the atmosphere.

Let Roger Spurr run though the possibilities using his extraordinary mind and folksy talking style from his home in Connecticut.

He says geoengineering – trying to block the sun – is very dangerous.  Getting rid of carbon dioxide is a stupid idea.  The carbon is not the problem.  Blocking the sun out is not a good idea.  It adds more gas and expands the atmosphere yet further.

We have to produce electricity and energy from light.  No expansion gases.  This is possible and easy to do by creating electron showers, but the governments won’t look at it.  Pulsed red Laser and Venturi create electron shower.  Way to go.  Free energy from light.  Dipole electric flood theory.



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8 Responses to “Global climate affected by scrubbing of expanding atmosphere”

  1. NPP says:

    Fear bullshit.

    Stick your feature where the sun don’t shine Roger.

    As if we don’t have enough fear, you push a bit more?

  2. Tapestry says:

    He is blanked by all academia and all media. If he were wrong they’d be laughing him out of court. He wants a reaction but from other scientists. He names the ones he wishes to engage with and they never reply to him. Fear is a choice. It is an inefficient choice as it stops people from acting, and solving their issues.

    • NPP says:

      Does he teach sexual gratification for primary school kids too?
      He could apply to Suffolk County Council for a Net Zero job; bring your own feather.

      There is NO climate emergency, but you & TEDs espouse there is. Why not sign up Sir David Rottenboroug? Come to a TED conference. bring your own EV!

      I’ve had enough of the carbon cult. I did not expect to find it at TAP blog too.

      Yes he does Pete. He’s pushing fear.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Well he might scare you Ned but he certainly isn’t scaring me. And I doubt very much that he is scaring his comparatively small audience either

        Nor do I think that scaring folk is his purpose. He’s got far bigger fish to fry. He’s an “amateur” scientist, the best sort nowadays given that all the official ones are compromised. See:

        Rogers small audience is likely quite savvy too about their ongoing climate fear agenda, just as the Tap audience probably is. So if scaring folk is his purpose then, he’s pissing into the wind…..

        Finally, the conflation of climate change and emissions is an important part of the psyop in my mind. Climate, climate, climate! distracts from a real emissions problem. They don’t want you talking about emissions, just climate. Their corporations create all the emissions after all. So we need to talk about emissions, and all opinions are welcome to me. I might learn something….

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Of course when I say “emissions” I am talking about the tens, probably hundreds, of thousands of toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, agricultural etc etc etc, emissions from their own corporations

          Most definitely NOT the life affirming plant food, CO2 that they focus almost exclusively on

          As I said on another thread, the notion that humans can CHOOSE to change the climate of this planet is hubristic in the extreme. There are far far bigger forces in play than we can possibly hope to ever control. All we can ever do is follow the Boy Scouts motto “Be Prepared”

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    My puzzle with Roger is that he believes that, in the past then, massive creatures existed in this realm. Like that North African dragon of incredible size that he showed on one of his vids. This surely implies a much bigger Earth than we’ve been told? Maybe like the Crater Earth theory, or something similar….

    Yet Roger talks about the normal globe Earth that most of us accept as reality. How to reconcile these 2 things? I’ve not studied him closely enough to understand this paradox

    I don’t think that he peddles fear bullshit though. He is clearly not one of the ubiquitous science whores chasing filthy lucre. And his atmosphere being contained by electrical forces in “space” sounds reasonable to me

    Maybe it doesn’t to those that believe in “empty space”. But certainly to those that realise that “empty space” is BS made necessary by the absence of any electrical charge effects in their ridiculous standard gravity-is-all -that-matters theories

    If you’ve read Mathis’s science then you will realise that Work is his magnum opus. The cultural stuff is fluff in comparison

    He supports Roger in that photons are everything. Their spin creates all elements, so extraction of energy from light would be 100% pure and clean

    The bad guys don’t want you to realise that do they. If they allowed that then, it means they can’t sell you energy at a high cost. Fossil fuels or BS “renewables” they don’t care either way, as long as you cough up

    • Tapestry says:

      Roger admits he has no idea how these creatures lived. Their time on earth was probably very short, and there is evidence that they were eating the giant life forms created by earth and by the Gods (he subscribes to ancient texts believing what we were told were myths), and were killed by outside intervention violently. He keeps to biology, chemistry mostly and some physics although once you realise that all is made from light then chemistry and physics are the same topic.

  4. ian says:

    An interesting article, and even better comments.