Everything you need to know about Governments Mass Censorship Campaign

More excellent work by Tucker, a very revealing interview

Mike Benz knows is stuff and demonstrates just how much the bad guys have got control of our society

Can’t get the link to stay as a link, it automatically embeds, so no source other than direct to Rumble

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One Response to “Everything you need to know about Governments Mass Censorship Campaign”

  1. Tapestry says:

    It hots up when they get to the automatic censorship capabilities using Artificial Intelligence to impose deligitimization bans on any social media communication, run worldwide by Dept Of Homeland Security…, DARPA and the usual suspects…all to avoid a single voice becoming popular on social media. The same people who overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected pro-Russian government are now operating in the US, and worldwide. They are literally making democracy impossible. freedomonline.com is Mike Benz’ channel to check out his info. His key phrase – weapons of mass deletion. Censorship effort now moving from federal to state level as federal level censorship is being resisted by Congress. ‘EU is just a proxy for NATO’. Political censorship has moved to Europe. Freedomonline.com is a religious resister of democratic destruction, in the name of Jesus Christ.