Don’t hit me. I’m pregnant.

Keep Our Boys and Girls OUT of Foreign Wars!
The politicians and generals want to throw our sons and daughters into war. They’ve got 600,000 Ukrainians killed already; now they’re SO short of men that they’re dragging thousands of young women into mud, blood and death.
But the warmongers need more human meat for wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. It’s the same old bloody story – from the Somme to Ukraine, from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan – war means big profits for the arms corporations, but mutilation and death for those at the front.
We need to start building mass opposition to conscription NOW!
The first step is to design, print and distribute 100,000 hard-hitting leaflets. We must warn the public of the danger and make the case against conscription.
Can you chip in to help us start this vital campaign for peace and against conscription ? Chip in and help save our sons, daughters and fathers from the globalist meat-grinder!
it’ll be too late to stop conscription once those corrupt and stupid old fools manage to drag us into the wars they’ve already started. We have to build the anti-conscription movement NOW!
Chip-in NOW! Help us get into print and into action against the globalist warmongers!
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4 Responses to “Don’t hit me. I’m pregnant.”

  1. ian says:

    Disturbing to think that our kids, grandkids, and even we, going by Ukraine’s recent fiasco, might be used as pawns, to needlessly die horribly in an oh so profitable war for the Vaxx killers, yes, it’s the same cheery bunch running this show too. I’d suggest a remedy, but won’t due to incitement laws.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Knights Templar! Looking for donations? Ha ha ha ha

    • ian says:

      Yep, I kind of thought that too Pete, but wasn’t sure, so, not that it usually bothers me, I didn’t want to show my ignorance.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        I’m no expert Ian, but as I understand it then, the Crown Temple in the City of London, is the place where the 4 Inns of Court are based. It was set up by the Knights Templar! There is/was a Swiss base too I think. And they are asking for donations? Ha ha ha ha

        The Inns of Court are the world centre for Brit and US lawyers [the bar]. They are “private” and, as far as I’m aware then, no accounts are published, nor any membership lists. Says it all

        “The Inns of Court in London are the professional associations for barristers in England and Wales. There are four Inns of Court: Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple.[1]

        All barristers must belong to one of them.[2][3] They have supervisory and disciplinary functions over their members. The Inns also provide libraries, dining facilities and professional accommodation. Each also has a church or chapel attached to it and is a self-contained precinct where barristers traditionally train and practise, although growth in the legal profession, together with a desire to practise from more modern accommodations and buildings with lower rents, caused many barristers’ chambers to move outside the precincts of the Inns of Court in the late 20th century.”

        Newensign probably knows a lot more