British and Israeli Police share all intelligence

Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain – Information Clearing

British public sector funds an organisation which secures UK public sector contracts for Israeli tech companies, and which manages all UK public sector data.  Boris Johnson.  Farage.  BT.  Massive network.  Sovereignty compromised.  US, Israel and UK  –  UK is the colony of Israel, US.  TAP – England, Scotland, NI and Wales are the colinies of UK.

THe presentation ends with request for support for the channel…..

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One Response to “British and Israeli Police share all intelligence”

  1. ian says:

    I remember reading that Priti Patel gave the US access to our mobile phone networks. You think Brits like Priti and Rishi would would be patriotic through and through, like Humza Yousaf in Scotland.