As Ukraine defeat in Donetsk grows worse by the day, the EU tries to seal the Polish/Ukrainian border

There is no word about the Slovak border or the Hungarian border.  Slovakia elected Robert Fico who refuses to enter the war against Russia, and Hungary is very much in the same boat.

The first part of the video describes the situation in Transdniestria and Moldova where Russia is clearly intending some military intervention which would no doubt include Odessa.

Panic is clearly growing inside the EU.

England should declare the same situation as Slovakia and Hungary – and stop the UK from fomenting this catastrophic war.  Unfortunately Reform is keen to support Ukraine despite the massive error his will be committing should Reform surge further in the Polls and become electable.  London will collect Russian anger, and we might see a significant reduction in the UK’s population as a result of getting involved in this war which is nothing to do with us.  The only party in the UK to have declared an intention to bring an end to this ridiculous war by negotiation is The English Democrats.

This guy simply explains the problems with Reform.  Danschuk sending illicit texts to 17 year old.  He supported Rochdale grooming gangs.  Stephen Chilcot moved to London to get more ‘diversity’.  Tice vaccine.  Lockdown.  Support Zelensky.  Reform is the bankers reforming as in re-forming after the coming collapse of the Tories.

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