Withdraw England From British GOO

Even if England withdrew from the British Government Of Occupation, would we still harbour the problem that is the Square Mile of London?

I saw a Tweet on X:
‘The same time Britain is arming Israel, and sending a spy plane over Gaza to assist the Israeli military, the government is now cutting funding to UNRWA in Gaza. Britain is a direct participant in this genocide.’

Whether we remain the UK or England withdraws to be an independent nation, where and what is the exact problem? Who created the British? Is it the Square Mile of London banking fraternity and are they one and the same with the ruling powers that created the British and Israel?

GOO : Government Of Occupation, coined by David Scott at: https://www.ukcolumn.org/
U7 : https://g7u7.org/

It matters not who you vote for, the government gets in.

If you have a spare day or three, you could listen to the UK Column’s series
A Dissident’s Guide To The Constitution:
You could follow that with UKC’s Alex Thomson ‘debate’ Daddy Dragon on the issue of
The British vs. the English constitution:

Did the ‘British’ create Israel to give them a foothold in the Middle East? May be. This may provide some insight:
How the British Invented Communism

Somewhere in here Alex Krainer proposes, ‘It’s the British and the parasite from the City of London…’
For the record, this is part 1 of the above 2/2:

Alex Krainer recommends…
All The Plenary’s Men (2017)

It explains aspects of the power structure of the British.

The English Sovereign Tea song, a demo version.
Better recording production offers welcome.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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20 Responses to “Withdraw England From British GOO”

  1. Welsh Briton says:

    It’s a very pertinent area that needs proper constructive and urgent discussion. No reason why the nations of Britain wouldn’t get on better than ever if we were all free sovereign nations existing side by side.

    It seems obvious and clear by now that the UK state, its ‘Friends of Israel’ lobbyists that’s captured most of the main parties and its Crown colony working from the City of London square mile, is utterly corrupt and rotten and is working against the interests of the peoples and nations of Britain

  2. NPP says:

    It does seem so, but I doubt it will be recognised, let alone addressed any time soon.
    A Welsh Briton? There’s an additional thought. Isn’t Mark Drakeford an appalling example of something to do with the above?

    • Welsh Briton says:

      The original Britons many would say!. Drakeford has been entirely predictable in pushing the same old grubby globalist, 2030/Net Zero agenda in Wales and in following the orders of his masters in the UK London Labour party – the weird paradox is that Drakeford actually thinks the globalist-captured UK state is doing good work and needs to be defended – this of course helps to deny not only Wales real sovereignty but also England and English patriots

      • NPP says:

        The Welsh & English dragons are a nice idea.

        The problem is going to be Ireland.
        I’d say let the island of Ireland be Irish, but ouch, that’s going to invite a bucket load of trouble from Northern English Irish.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          As for the Irish then, things are changing but are equally bizarre. I’ve known a few Ulsterman, who are all pro EU, poor saps. As soon as Brexit passed they all scuttled down to Dublin and got an Irish passport! I couldn’t resist the temptation to take the piss out of this bizarre juxtaposition. Which is it Ulstermen, King and Country or United Ireland? You seem to want your cake and eat it

          In fact Ulster devolution is as stupid as Welsh devolution. Both depend on English tax handouts

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        I thought that the original Britons took refuge in rugged Wales after the Angles and Saxons pushed them out of England. So Welsh Briton is a good handle. The Welsh are the true Brits👍

        Having lived in North Wales for 24 years until 14 years ago then I realise that Plaid is as useless as Welsh Labour too. They certainly were in my time there. Wales could never be independent in practice. It doesn’t have the economy or the managerial skills. It relies on English taxation for its nominal “devolution”. Tony effin Blair again….

        • Welsh Briton says:

          Yes, the history is quite something – the Tysilio chronicle one of the best sources I’d say

          Like most bigger parties, probably captured at their top levels by the same nefarious subversive globalist agenda.

          Would resepectfully disagree with you on your last point though – Wales has a healthy GDP of around £80 billion – more than enough and far more than a great deal of other sovereign countries around the world.It also has a massive amount of resources – it’s why the globalists are trying to do a land grab here and push their desperate ‘climate change’ scams on the country via the London labour party in Wales (pretending to be Welsh labour). So no reason at all why Wales can’t be a sovereign country once more like other normal countries.

          But enough about Wales, how is England going to get its sovereignty is what I’d like to know!?

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Yes Welsh Briton,
            Welsh GDP is currently about £75 billion. But public expenditure is £45 billion, 60% of GDP! UK overall the is 45%. So how is that 60% affordable under independence without English taxation subsidy?

            Further the currency is the British pound and the Head of State is the English King. What sort of Independence is that?

            • Welsh Briton says:

              Wales raises approx around £27 billion in revenue through its own tax raising powers and Wales’ net fiscal deficit with UK spending was £13.5 billion in 2018/19 -before Covid mass spending crazyness.The Uk government is desperate to make sure that the fiscal gap remains of course because they want to keep Wales a non self sufficient, begging bowl country partly dependent (and answerable) to them and their City of London cronies as they try to take everyone down with them in their never ending debt slavery.system.

              I very much agree that there should be no reason why England should continue with this subsidy for Wales (and Scotland etc.), and should concentrate on stopping England from being impovrished via a new democratic English Parliament and government.

              The fiscal gap debate can also be made completely redundant for all our countries – a sovereign Wales, England and Scotland should implement debt free sovereign money – state money created debte free at its point of creation which would loosely match its GDP, with most of this going in to the productive economy to avoid inflation etc.

              The powers that be want us all to think that we can’t be self sufficient sovereign countries (and people) because their whole system relies on the model of ruining and asset stripping countries through their compund interest debt slavery. We can all be free of this nonsense

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                An excellent response Welsh Briton, thank you

                I pretty well agree with everything that you say. Their City based debt slavery system is certainly at the heart of the issue. But that is clearly not the place to start to tackle this, most folk glaze over if you even start talking about it

                • Welsh Briton says:

                  You’re welcome Pete! I’m sure we’re all used to seeing that glazed over look by now

  3. NPP says:

    It would be useful to know the real and accurate history… of anything and everything.

    Independence for each seems attractive. The limited economy of the Welsh seems a real dilema. Of course, the likes of us would aspire to make sure we’re all OK independent or united, but we’re being ‘managed’ by the ‘British’ e.g. Tony Bliar, his like & his managers.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      “It would be useful to know the real and accurate history… of anything and everything.”

      Yes it certainly would. We can be pretty certain that the stories that the “historians” spin are usually very partial. That is when they are not downright lies and misdirection

      • NPP says:

        So, we can address today as we live, breathe and experience.
        Even today gets spun.

  4. NPP says:

    In theory, any community could be self-sufficient and prosper, but while that Square Mile of London lurks…. there’s potential trouble.

    • Tapestry says:

      What is U7?

      • NPP says:

        I’ve always included its link, as I have above, when ever I reference this, yet another global organisation:.
        Urban 7
        Linked to G7
        Mayors, cities etc and of course, the obligatory, insane, evil, dangerous, eco-fascist advocates of the ‘climate emergency’ lie.

        Tiny Teds is an absurd name, but you are more experienced and perhaps know better.

        UK or England? It matters little to a mere voter such as I. Pulling the St. George Cross from the Union Jack seemed like an an amusing idea. The issue is the blob, the City of London, the founders of ‘the British’, whatever, whoever they/it are/is. Aristocratic wannabe elites? Old families? Those with global desires rather than we who are content with independent national states collaboratingly peacefully.

        • Tapestry says:

          The Old Contemptibles, Dad’s Army, The Tiny Teds – more absurd the better.

          • NPP says:

            The Old Contemptibles is a warm, fun name.
            Dad’s Army was a TV show, though in today’s clown world continuum, they could be real. Monty Python sketches have become real.

            Tiny is small, insignificant, shrinking. Why? To what purpose?

            TED : There Is NO climate emergency…
            is a priority vote winner, not yet another reincarnation of the name.
            It’s your gig and your call.

  5. Tapestry says:

    If a small party (The TIny Teds) offer a national referendum on England exiting UK – adding the others if they wish to be added – and this policy is sufficiently popular (once understood) that main parties have to mirror to stop Teds (Or whoever) from grabbing all their votes, the topic would be in play.