Will the WHO Pandemic Treaty End America’s Sovereignty?

An Interview with Whistleblower Dr. Meryl Nass

Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World, Dr. Meryl Nass has consulted for the World Bank, the Government Accountability Office, and the US Director of National Intelligence on the prevention, investigation, and mitigation of chemical/biological warfare and pandemics.

Dr. Nass works for Children’s Health Defense, and helped edit three of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s books. She’s given six testimonies to Congress and has spoken to state legislatures on bioterrorism, Gulf War syndrome, and vaccine mandates. Dr. Nass founded Door to Freedom to fight the WHO’s sovereignty grab and the Great Reset.

Q: What is the Pandemic Treaty?

A: It’s method for achieving a soft coup: first a takeover of global health, followed by a takeover of everything else the WHO declares is important to health: climate, food, ecosystems, etc. If ratified, the WHO’s Director-General will be able to impose his orders (duplicative) on countries the world over, such as the requirement for vaccine passports. Forget about “recommendations” like we received from the CDC during COVID-19. This globalist governing body will tell you what meds you can and cannot have. An effective, legally binding agreement, it will end the U.S.’ sovereignty over health and related matters.

Q: But I thought only nations could write and enact treaties. How does the WHO have such authority?

A: An elite band of globalist leaders selected the World Health Organization as a method to gain greater control over all of us legally. You would think an organization like the United Nations would be a better path for passing international agreements, but the UN has a security council with veto power.

However, at the WHO, there’s no security council, no veto power, no accountability for any WHO officials. And everyone who works at the WHO holds diplomatic immunity. This means nobody can be charged for their crimes. (The WHO is the only sub-agency of the UN with its own Constitution. It’s allowed to make treaties with other countries.) What they’re asking nations to do is to sign away their sovereignty—all in the name of public health.

Q: Can you tell us more about the Pandemic Treaty?

A: It has both a stated and an unstated mission. As concerns the former, it’s for “ensuring equity is at the heart of the agreement, particularly access to lifesaving medical products such as vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments.” However, the unstated mission, the one which will be voted upon in May, is what’s so alarming to politicians and international journalists.

Currently, the existing international health regulations require notification if there’s an epidemic in your country, but there’s no punishment for not reporting it. There’s also a provision to quarantine people if they land at a port and have cholera or smallpox. All that’s logical.

But the Pandemic Treaty seeks to go much further.

Q: What will the Pandemic Treaty Do?

A: We all experienced massive censorship during COVID-19. Currently, YouTube, Google, and other social channels shut down alternative messages on things like vaccine safety, but there is no law requiring them to do so.

This new treaty gives the WHO power to control speech to curb “misinformation or disinformation about health.” This means if someone spreads content going against the WHO’s narrative, that person or organization will be punished.

Q: How will this be enforced?

A: Each nation will police its citizens’ social media outlets and channels. They might also revoke medical licenses and strip professionals of their credentials.

I experienced this personally. The Biden administration didn’t just cut off my access to speak. It suspended my medical license for supposed misinformation. They’ve already punished me. I can no longer practice medicine. But what I presume is they will shut down licenses, privileges, and channels of communication for many more people. Should this pass and you don’t toe the line, you won’t have a voice, and you may not even have a livelihood anymore.

Q: Isn’t all this against our Constitution?

A: Absolutely! This is a direct violation of the First Amendment. It goes against most nations’ Constitutions. It also doesn’t bode well for patient safety, which relies on transparent, uncensored, and unbiased data. Already, the WHO’s proposed Pandemic Treaty and amendments to its International Health regulations would demand nations surveil their citizens. Did you see Facebook or iPhone alerts when someone with COVID was near you? That’s because your “online footprint” was being watched.

As I said, this goes against our First Amendment, but because we are the nation driving this at the international level, there’s no pushback by the federal government. At least so far. And how could there be, when the negotiators of this Treaty are members of our own government? Outside of a few brave alternative media outlets and the Epoch Times, who is sounding the alarm?

Q: How else will the Pandemic Treaty be implemented?

A: There are national consequences for non-compliance. Before this, the WHO had no legal structure to demand countries obey. Once the Pandemic Treaty comes into force, there will be measures ensuring countries get in line. We know this from the first document draft that leaked a few months ago.

But let me add that the WHO’s strategy is to use stealth to misdirect concerned individuals. Example: each draft of the Pandemic Treaty possesses a different title to purposefully confuse the public.

Also, one of the WHO’s greatest weapons is re-definition. Take One Health. Call it an approach, a framework, a network, or whatever you like. By organizing concerns under the banner of health—for the good of societies and the world— the WHO and other globalists can seize emergency powers.

Anything that can be defined as a “health concern” necessarily falls under such centralized control. Did you know climate change affects health? Yes. According to the globalists, they can call a “health emergency” based on this “crisis”—thereby usurping national sovereignty. Pollution also affects health, so now pollution is part of One Health. Wild animals can bite you or give you rabies, so now wild animals are part of One Health.

This concept of One Health has been embedded into, believe it or not, domestic law in the United States and in other countries, and has become a big part of the WHO’s future plans. After all, gun violence affects people’s health, too. Can you see how the WHO could take away gun rights in the name of safety?

Q: Are we too late to do anything about it?

A: Not yet. But the time to stand up is now—before it’s too late.


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