2 Responses to “Why did Gonzalo stay in Ukraine?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    If he has really passed then, RIP Gonzalo

    But do we have any direct confirmation that he has definitely passed? All that I can find at the moment is hearsay by third parties like Carlson, the Asian guy. And media saying “allegedly dies”

    Russian agency Tass also says “The US Department of State has confirmed the accuracy of data about the death of reporter Gonzalo Lira, a citizen of Chile and the US, in prison in Ukraine”. I wouldn’t trust those 2 sources

    Plus his Wiki page says “Died January 11, 2024”. I don’t count that as a credible source either


    Certainly his bio on Wiki is unusual to say the least:

    “Lira was born in Burbank, California, to Chilean parents, Gonzalo Lia Valdés and María Isabel López Hess. His mother is a direct descendant of José Miguel Carrera”

    José Miguel Carrera was first President of Chile [at the age of 26!] in 1811 and was “a Chilean general [a general at 26? How does that work?], formerly Spanish military, member of the prominent Carrera family, and considered one of the founders of independent Chile”. So, at the least, a very wealthy guy then….

    Gonzalo was educated in Dartmouth College. “One of the world’s greatest academic institutions and a member of the Ivy League”

    He had an unusual, career too. “He held roles as a journalist, writer, and filmmaker, gaining experience in Hollywood.”. Hollywood!

    “In October 1996, Lira made a deal with G. P. Putnam’s Sons to publish his first exciting book called Counterparts. The story is about a strong female FBI agent and her “counterpart,” a CIA operative.”


    “Starting in 2017, Lira was active on YouTube using the name Coach Red Pill (CRP)….. He posted many videos, gaining subscribers and views. In November 2021, Lira deleted most of his CRP content and started using his real name”

    Something doesn’t feel right to me about this story. It also strikes me that, if he was an agent of some sort as some think then, his passing is very convenient for his masters

    How on earth did he manage to keep doing “pro Russia” vid blogging for so long in war torn Karkiv? He should have been dealt with much earlier by the nazi like Zelensky regime, who frequently eliminated real media opponents pdq

    Something’s amiss. Thoughts?

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    One last thing

    We are supposed to believe that Coach Red Pill absconded bail in Karkiv, rode his motorcycle for 1300 kilometres to the Hungary border and then stopped to post on Twitter from his moby dick BEFORE he crossed into Hungary!!

    What? Did he not realise that his moby and his Twit were very likely being automatically monitored by the Intelligence/Twitter [same thing] big computers? Thus alerting the SBU to his whereabouts, and his intention to leave? Really? He seemed like a smart guy to me, but that was really really dumb

    Why not wait until he was safe in Hungary? What did he have to gain by doing that before he left? He even said that he expected to die if apprehended, so why on earth take the risk of exposure before he even got to the border?

    It makes no sense. Nor does his bio, see my first comment. I’m not buying it anymore