Who pays Kurten? I’ve no idea.

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This one as usual was sent on an email but was nowhere to be seen on the blog at 9.30 am today.

NPP’s comment – Fantastic. Solar panels are so wonderful, why not run the country on them? Who pays David Kurten?

The question about solar panels is obviously addressed to moi, so I went in to give Ned the reaction he desires!


I was saying earlier in comments only that Kurten gets a lot of attention in alternative media, which makes me suspicious when he’s just a one man band political party.

I asked the question – who is paying him, or does he have funding from his own resources?

This is not something that particularly interests me to be honest, but it has sparked a reaction!!

It’s simply common sense.  If some one is working fulltime in politics, they need money.

examples –

Why has Jeremy Hosking given £ 8.0 MILLION to Reclaim/Bridgen Many people won’t even know the name, he is an uber wealthy fund manager who is the sole funder of Reclaim (£ 3.5 million) he has also lent Andrew Bridgen (£4.5 million) – that’s a lot of money  – I ask

 (n.b. you will not see or hear this analysis on ANY “alternative” or MSM outlets – full interview will only be available on Patreon).

When our discussion gets shadow censored, like this with Ned’s question disappearing, it is yet more possible evidence that Kurten is an op, possibly out there to mirror The Teds – who incidentally get almost no media despite being a longstanding party of over twenty years with 2000 members and standing in many seats for Mayor and Police Commissioner, positions that have real power unlike single MPs, or Councillors, which provide a platform but not much else. You need a majority to have power.

(Maybe the comment will reappear on the blog now as I’ve noticed it being cut and have talked about it)

Kurten makes it appear that you’ve heard what the Teds are saying before somewhere before.  Kurten never says England should exit the UK, as Tilbrook and The Teds do, but he says a lot of other very similar stuff otherwise, and he spent a lot of time talking to Robin Tilbrook before running off with the stock (as it were!) and formed his own party in the same turf which seems totally counterproductive to the democratic situation.

I like being attacked every morning on The Tap, but cannot get as very excited by solar panels as Ned.  They are a useful device in the current world where power cuts are getting more frequent and could yet do so more often.  We are allowed to fight for survival just as everyone else is.  Ned wants his coal back.  I understand as we used to use woodburner a  lot but not so much now with the new regulations coming in.  Electricity can be made very cheaply from light bvut the technology as always is suppressed so power companies can make money and bully us all.