Who is Cornell West the “Third Party” candidate in the US Election?

I was looking at the front page of our State Propaganda media webshite, the Beeb, just now and I noticed coverage of Trump and Co. But nothing about Senile Joe and the Dems. This struck me as odd, so I looked elsewhere to find out who exactly is running in the US “election” charade

Binkley, who he?
Phillips, who he?
Uygar, who he?
Williamson, who she?
West, who he?
I immediately thought, I’ve seen that West guy somewhere else before, but where?
And then it suddenly hit me, Cornell West is a fraud, he’s a made up character and used to be, wait for it…..

Yes that is Jimmy Hendrix!

How mad is that!

Jimmy was an all time great guitarist, one of the best ever in my opinion

But he was exposed as from a military family in Dave McGowan’s book:

Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

If you are interested enough then, have a look at the detailed work about Hendrix/West at the link that I provide below

Source: https://pieceofmindful.com/2016/12/26/jimi-hendrixcornel-west-revisited/

Mark did a great job and his analysis is impressive, here is his summary:

“In summation: we have alignment of features in face chops; further near-perfect alignment in profiles. We have a compatible timeline. We have a lightweight intellectual, a poseur masquerading as a philosopher. We have alignment of front teeth outside the two incisors and evidence that Hendrix in public was wearing a denture, indicating that his teeth too might have been severely gapped. We have a perfect match of upper lips and ears. It is enough for me, perhaps for you as well. The original assertion that the man known as “Jimi Hendrix” faked his death and reappeared as Dr. Cornel West stands.”

All the world is a stage 😂

Nothing is as it seems

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