What the hell is happening in Texas?

300,000 migrants enter Texas in December 2023.  Texas decides to defend herself against this invasion, and secure their border.

The Texas National Guards have erected barbed wires around Eagle Pass.

Wyatt gets out his Google Maps overview and videos.

The Federal Government is not securing the border which is its duty.  The State of Texas is saying the law permits them to secure their border.

The courtroom decision hangs on the definition of ‘invasion’.

The law against illegal immigration is very weak worldwide.


Decscription of different wires being deployed, blocking arrival of illegal immigrants.  Central government says some immigrants are drowning while trying to cross rivers.

Humanitarian case.

Excellent coverage.

Federal Agents demanding access to the area being refused by Texas.

Ultimatum from Federal Government to allow in Federal Agents.  Details of case described.

Federal Agents have rights to go anywhere in order to protect the border from illegal immigration.

But these Agents are assisting illegal immigration, not preventing it.

The same barriers that are stopping immigrants are being attacked as illegal as they also prevent Federal Agents from having access.

The battle is legal at this point.

Any rulings about this location can be applied all over the US borders.

If Texas seals its border, the flood will move to Calif, New Mexico etc.

Biden is allowing in all immigrants unrestrained causing an invasion negating the power of Federal Government over the State of Texas.

Supreme Court says Fed Agents can remove fencing, but Texas can add the barriers back again.

Attempt to restrict Federal Agents access legally.

US is adding money for Israel and money for Ukraine ($69 billion) in same bill meant to be about border security.

Ukraine wants money to protect its border while Texas needs to have control to protect its border.

Will Fed nationalise the National Guard of Texas to neutralise the State Of Texas.

Will it come down to military power?  Texas has to keep its guard to survive.  No law in Constitution permits Feds to take control of Texas National Guard.

This would break down relationship between central government and the states.

All states bar Kansas are supporting Texas.  Will it become a war?

Texas sees it as life and death issue.  If central government pushes on, Texas could secede.

The central government will bring a war against the rebelling states, if any secede.

Will US army arrest or kill Texan national guards?  Will a Civil War result?

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One Response to “What the hell is happening in Texas?”

  1. newensign says:

    Let’s hope Tap, Texas does not capitulate to the Feds.