Western Civilisation Destroyers [WCD’s] Chronicles

Thomas on good form


WCD’s are all around us


Maybe there is a climatic event coming, is a mini Ice Age on the way? Wind and solar will be insufficient if that happens. They have made solid fuel less available, and very expensive too, but electricity, wind and solar will be insufficient if a mini Ice Age happens, we will need solid fuel….


Whatever happens, the WCD’s are losing…


Russia’s ascendency will be a good thing, the rise of the Slavs. We should be thankful that we have Poles, Lithuanians and Slovaks living amongst us, they will help us restore what the WCD’s took from us


The people who have been brought here are not the enemy, the enemy is the ones who brought them. You know who they are, you know them by their deeds


We have lots of spies amongst us, in Ireland the greatest political spy operation is Sinn Fein. It is a division of MI5


Love youse all you beautiful bastards… until the next video

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