We Became Lazy

“We saw in organized religion a decay that was starting to destroy us, since Jews had been promoting the idea that the Bible was their book, they were the Hebrews, and thus the chosen people of God, raised above all others. In your country, I hear this is an idea that has taken deep root, with many false preachers teaching the flock these people are to be adored and protected.

“In Germany, it was always understood that the Bible was the history book of the ancestors of the current Europeans, which our peoples, or tribes, were the very people the Bible was written to, for and about. We became lazy, and allowed others to start teaching false ideas, twisting the words of our God to suit their own agendas.”

Ludwig Ruckdeschel – Former Gauleiter, member of the Reichstag, Waffen-SS, and member of the SA (Sturmabteilung).