We are bringing this on ourselves

Here is Dmitry Polyanskiy’s tweet.  Read it and I’ll give my comment afterwards.  He’s Deputy to the Russian Ambassador at the United Nations, and frequent spokesman at the Security Council.

Ukrainian forces are for sure not going to march to Moscow since the Kiev regime will lose quite soon.

But as Ukrainian crisis shows Russia’s existence IS threatened by NATO which is de-facto waging the war in Ukraine through its proxy.

This is the apex of long-time US strategy to weaken and then defeat Russia.

I have no doubt that the world will be different after Ze and his backers are defeated.

If NATO and the US don’t make any conclusions and don’t engage in sincere and deep transformation of European security architecture on the basis of the principle of indivisible security, this would be a huge mistake for the West.

It sounds reasoned and a statement that peace will be achieved when the US and NATO and RUSSIA cooperate in a new security architecture.

But the US and especially UK don’t want to sign a peace deal and work with Russia.  Polyaskiy is, in effect, stating that Russia will continue fighting after Ukraine falls.

You might imagine that Poland will be affected and Romania.  Hungary and Slovakia have already positioned themselves not to get into a war with Russia.  Russia would naturally wish to aid Serbia and suppress NATO in Albania.  But could the whole concept of ‘a huge mistake for the West’ include Finland, Norway and Sweden?  Having these three eliminated as a threat, and Poland, would hugely help Russia’s longterm securrity leaving a tiny western front along the border with Germany and Austria.  German armed forces are not being built up according to most reports so there would be little to stop Russia going that far.

Russia has stopped using the Wagners and the Chechens who were winning cities embarrassingly quickly from NATO in Luhansk (Severo Donetsk, Mariupol etc), to ensure the regular Russian army gets lots of war fighting experience.  NATO will have nothing equivalent.  You might even see Russia appearing at the channel ports as Prighozin predicted.  When he said La Mancha, he didn’t mean a city in Spain was his target, but the English Channel (La Manche in French).

The Teds are the only political party in the UK to have a formal policy of making peace and negotiating with Russia.  UKIP, Reform, the three main parties are all lining up to send English soldiers to be massacred needlessly.  Support The English Democrats for peace and security.  As well as Law and Order at home.

Russian deputy to the ambassador at the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy explains Russia’s cancelled diplomatic position | (tapnewswire.com)


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One Response to “We are bringing this on ourselves”

  1. newensign says:

    The trouble is Tap, UKIP and Reform see the world through the tinted glasses of MSM and particularly the BBC, believing Russia is the origin and spreader of communism, which is far from true, for it is London and NY bankers who are the source of this evil. The City of London is the home of the red shield (house of Rothschild). That is why Red = Communism!