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Make no mistake. YOU are the carbon they want to reduce. “Don’t lie to yourself,” says Tucker Carlson.

In an on-stage discussion with Jordan Peterson, Carlson raised an important point with respect to the overpopulation debate. Whenever there is an infestation, such as mice or roaches, the solution to the problem is to kill them. Following this logic, Carlson suggested that when global organizations like the World Economic Forum suggest that people are the problem, the intended goal must also be the same.

“If you believe people are the problem, then that is, of course, a genocidal spirit. If I believe that the problem with my kitchen is it has too many mice, the solution is to kill the mice. Too many roaches. I kill the roaches. They’re the problem. They’re the impediment.

“And so, make no mistake. And this sort of tracks with what I was saying earlier. Don’t lie to yourself about the agenda. If people are the problem and you’re a person, then your life is in the way of whatever goals they’re seeking to achieve by definition.

“Am I missing something? No, I’m not. But all of us — it’s so grotesque because, to further elaborate, in one sense, it’s a demonic spirit. Just to be clear, any spirit that seeks to hurt, kill, divide, or demoralize other people is a demonic spirit by definition. So that’s what animates it. You’re the target. And don’t lie to yourself.”

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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Good man Tucker. Hard to argue with that logic