USA Hidden Early Advanced Civilisation – Have Old World Buildings Been Destroyed Purposefully?

Here are some timestamps from the interview…


– 00:00:55 – Suppression of knowledge and technology from ancient civilizations

– 00:06:25 – Importance of questioning the official narrative

– 00:13:20 – Limitations of traditional education and the need for discernment

– 00:20:10 – Potential existence of advanced civilizations that were never taught in school

– 00:27:00 – Role of museums and organizations like the Smithsonian in controlling information

– 00:38:00 – Significance of sound frequencies, copper, and other materials in ancient technology and healing practices

– 00:45:00 – Potential benefits of adopting a more natural lifestyle

– 00:50:00 – Resources and channels for further exploration

– 00:55:00 – Conclusion and recommendations for further exploration

One thing I enjoyed about the interview is that it was more about asking questions than being told the “truth”.

When you begin to question things you’ve been taught are true, it helps spark your ability to actually think critically and become more empowered.