US/UK attack Houthis without UN mandate – Dmitry Polyanskiy

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the strikes of the illegal “international coalition” against the #Houthis /#AnsarAllah in full (AI translation):
“According to available information, on the night of January 12, an illegal international coalition led by the United States and Britain carried out missile and bomb strikes on a number of targets in the territory of Yemen, controlled by the Houthi movement “Ansar Allah.” Specifically, there are reports of bombings in the areas of the airports in Sana’a, Hodeidah, and Taiz, as well as the port of Midi in the Hodeidah province.
In response to these attacks, the Houthis have announced their intention to retaliate against American targets in the region. Our concerns have been confirmed that the US position in the UN Security Council regarding the Red Sea is merely a pretext for further escalation of tension in the region.
We strongly condemn these irresponsible actions by the US and its allies. A large-scale military escalation in the Red Sea region could undermine the positive trends that have emerged recently in the Yemeni peace process and provoke destabilization in the entire Middle East region. As we warned, the Anglo-Saxons are trying to use UN Security Council Resolution 2722, adopted on their initiative under the pretext of ensuring the security of navigation in the Red Sea, to justify their aggression.
We call on the international community to strongly condemn the attack on Yemen by a group of countries without a UN mandate.
We share the concerns expressed by our regional partners, particularly Saudi Arabia, and call for the activation of international efforts to prevent further escalation of the situation.
We believe that this adventure by the forces of the illegal coalition poses a direct threat to global peace and security.
Guided by this understanding, we have demanded the urgent convening of a meeting of the UN Security Council, where our principled assessments of these unlawful actions will be voiced”.
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💬 #Zakharova: We believe that the gamble by the so-called “coalition” forces in #Yemen poses a direct threat to global peace and security. ❗️ We demanded the urgent convening of a meeting of the UNSC, where our principled assessment of these illegal actions will be voiced.