The Tartarian Empire (Full Theory Explained)

2024 will be the year for the awakening of the world!  Indeed, we have bee lied to our entire lives!


Dive deep into the fascinating theory of the Tartarian Empire with our comprehensive exploration! This video unravels the mysteries of the Tartarian Empire, including the mudflood phenomenon, starforts, world’s fairs, historical US city fires, incubator babies, airships, and the enigmatic orphan trains. Join us on this intriguing journey through history, conspiracy, and theory!

Timeline Stamp

0:00 – Introduction: Unveiling the Tartarian Mystery

2:35 – The Orphan Operation: A Forgotten History

6:05 – The World’s Fair Cover-Up: What They Didn’t Tell You

9:13 – Tartaria Uncovered: The Lost Empire’s History

13:28 – The Great Fires: America’s Burning Mystery

16:30 – Starforts & Mudfloods: Unraveling the Secrets

19:56 – Outtro: Final Thoughts & Reflections

21:30 – Bonus: /r/Tartaria Archive Deep Dive


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5 Responses to “The Tartarian Empire (Full Theory Explained)”

  1. Steve Kettle says:

    Good post NE, a subject that needs more exposure. I’ve been aware of it for a while but never delved too deeply into it until the Christmas break when I started watching some Jon Levi vids and then went on to other like minded people. l watched a couple of vids from I think it’s Hidden Truth where he shows you round some of the State Capital buildings supposedly constructed in a relatively short time when things were mainly hauled by horse & waggon. No way were these buildings built with the technology supposedly available at the time. I think it was the Capital building of Wisconsin that really blew me away, it’s size beauty and intricacy of design just would not be possible to build by the people of that time. It must have been built by an advanced people from who knows when. Fascinating subject, yet another way we are lied to totally.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes Steve, it has been well hidden. When one studies it, it can be seen that it is tied up with what is going on today – namely an on going reset. All the lovely buildings were designed to use abundant free energy in the atmosphere which was beneficial to health unlike the harmful frequencies used today. They had all this back in the 1500’s including great airships. The Tartarians were/are Nordic Christian people like us. See

    • Steve Kettle says:

      Explains why there is so much hatred for the european christian society and people from the controllers. They don’t want us regaining our former status.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks newensign

    I just watched the vid and it is fascinating. Like Steve I’ve watched a good number of John Levi’s vids recently and clearly something is missing from our official history. It’s mind boggling to realise how deep the deception must go

    The star forts alone are just not explainable by the current official histories, the mudfloods too

    And the fact that San Francisco was named on maps that were drawn in the 1500’s! It was only “incorporated” in 1850 according to Wiki, the preceding “mission” being founded in 1776

    So how the heck did they make the, literally millions of bricks, for the star fort that is still underneath the Golden Gate bridge? Before there was a city? And WHO made them before California was even settled by settlers from the East USA? There are photos of the fort BEFORE there was even a city!

    One of the most puzzling elements for me is just how recently all this happened

    A word of caution though, I consider that my personal direct family memory history goes back to 1839

    [as defined by personal memory within my family. In my case via my grandfather, who I knew very well. And he knew his grandfather too, my great great grandfather, who was born in 1839]

    That takes us back into the era under discussion and, if such a massive reset happened then, how was my grandfather not told about it by his family? Surely unlikely for such a big change

    Btw, I noticed that the Liver Buildings in Liverpool appeared in the vid! So Tataria influenced Liverpool, my home city, in this theory

  4. newensign says:

    I agree Pete, its mind boggling how such relatively recent history could have been hidden! But then we look back to WW1 & II and see how that has now been distorted! In the early days of colonising (or was it invading) America communications were slow and America so vast that disinformation was probably easier to get away with. It doesn’t fit in with the enemy’s evolution theory that there could be earlier civilisations more advanced than those of today! Just like the propaganda that we Brits were ignorant savages before the Romans came along!