The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 316 – Is It Sin? Update – [2:06:39]


In this revised video dialogue there is an urgency to address for both believers and non believers the often vexing question of “SIN,” what it is, what it isn’t and why getting the right understanding about sin is absolutely “crucial” to one’s eternal destiny. I hope that this video will help all of you that may be struggling because of poor Biblical understanding. Let me warn you all that the RAMIFICATIONS of getting it wrong in this time of Great Deception and coming under God’s judgement is very great! We are living in the Age of Sin where people live with Sinful conduct as Normal and Not as an Aberration! SIN guides people’s LIVES today NOT the Word of God or the Holy Spirit!

It is SIN that SEPARATES man from God. SIN is the great separator. Satan, the enemy of God and man wants people to sin in ever increasing measure so they will be separated from God and destroyed!



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