The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 313 – UAP – [2:04:11]


It’s very important for Christians to understand this UAP deception. Knowledge is power and once again we remind ourselves of the scripture in Hosea 4:6, which states, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” This is God’s lament over the naive and ignorant being deceived and destroyed by Satan and his Jesuit Masonic agents. UAP’s, Aliens and Deep Space are Integral to each other in forming this ET Invasion Threat LIE!

The TRUE NARRATIVE is, The Beast will convince the nations that an INVASION from SPACE is imminent. Jesus Christ and his angels will be portrayed as ALIEN INVADERS. The Beast and his armies will gather in their 100’s of millions in an attempt to stop and destroy the Heavenly Host with High Tech weapons as they return to Earth. This future account can be found described numerous times in the Old Testament. It can also be found 3 times in the Book of Revelation alone.