The Epstein Case

Among the best civilian journalists on this issue is Ryan Dawson.
Ryan Tweets on X

Epstein clients are not every person he knew.
Flight logs and Blackbook are Not the client list.
They will release the flight logs in congress. It’s already online.
I’ve had a list out of 89 of his clients since 2019.

He’s been selling his Epstein Crime Map for a few years. He has to make money because he’s been banned and censored more than most.
Epstein Crime Map
While he was banned, Whitney Webb was free to talk. Ryan says she ‘Israeled’ his research. Whether true or not, she appears on e.g. Glenn Beck. Ryan does not.

Ryan’s friend Cynthia McKinney:


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  1. ian says:

    must have been a really nice chap, to get as many visitors. Apart from the police and debt collectors, I rarely get any.