The Devil thinks God is a fiction

 Harari: ‘Human Rights Are Fiction, Just Like God’

The comments were made in a recently unearthed video of Yuval Noah Harari.



By Frank Bergman January 24, 2024

A top World Economic Forum (WEF) official has declared that “human rights are fiction, just like God.”

The comments were made in a recently unearthed video of Yuval Noah Harari.

Harari is often credited as the mastermind behind the WEF’s anti-human agenda.

He serves as a senior advisor to the globalist organization and its founder and chairman, Professor Klaus Schwab.

During a Ted Talk, WEF architect Harari explains to the crowd why he believes “useless humans” should have no rights.

Before comparing human beings to “jellyfish” and chimpanzees, Harari ridicules members of the general public for their “belief in human rights.”

“But human rights are just like Heaven, and like God – it’s just a fictional story that we’ve invented and spread around,” Harari declares.

“It may be a very nice story,” he continues.

“It may be a very attractive story.

“You want to believe it but it’s just a story.

“It is not a reality,” he asserts.

“It is not a biological reality.

“Just as jellyfish, and woodpeckers, and ostriches have no rights, homosapiens have no rights also.

“Take a human, cut him open, look inside,” he explained.

“You find the blood, and you find the heart and the lungs and the kidneys, but you don’t find there any rights.

“The only place you find rights is in the fiction stories that humans have invented and spread around.”

Harari then pivoted his point to promote the WEF’s borderless globalist agenda.

“The same thing is also true in the political field,” he said.

“States and nations are also, like human rights, and like God, and like Heaven – they too are just stories.”

Harari then expanded on his open-border narrative by attacking America and Israel, which he claims don’t exist in “reality.”

“A mountain is a reality,” he noted.

“You can see it, you can touch it, and you can smell it.

“But Israel, or the United States – they are just stories.

“Very powerful stories – stories we might want to believe very much.

“But still, they are just stories.

“You can’t really see the United States, you cannot touch it, you cannot smell it.”



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5 Responses to “The Devil thinks God is a fiction”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Maybe this is misleading. Is Harari referencing God’s Law? Sounds like he might be to me

    Maybe not, but if he is then, Harari is correct in that “Human Rights”, as defined by the fat controllers at the UN etc, are most definitely a FICTION. They are a legal fiction in the same way that all Corporations are, and your Strawman “Birth Certificate” is too

    They are not real flesh and blood and have no substance whatsoever. They are a legal fiction, key word being “Fiction” ie a story, NOT real in any meaningful sense, a mental construct for slaves within the system

    Human Rights were invented by the bad guys to divert you from God’s Law, Natural Law if you like. We are all born under God’s Law. We all have inalienable rights under God’s Law. We wouldn’t need Human Rights if God’s Law was used. But the fat controllers bestow Legal Human Rights on you. Rights that THEY give you, or take away as they see fit. Human Rights are legal BS, they aren’t real

    Human Rights are used to distract from your God given, Natural born, rights that all humans possess. They don’t want you thinking about that, they don’t even want you to know about that. It’s not on the school curriculum or in any media. You’ve got to find that out for yourself

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I wrote that before I watched the short vid. It is a classical example of a limited hangout. He says a lot of truth but then diverts from the bigger truth, God’s Law

      Human Rights are just a fictional story, he is correct in that. But he stays well away from God’s/Natural Law and conflates God with their Legal fictions. He’s a total wrong un….

      Looks like he was younger when he said this too. Before he slithered his way up the greasy pole to the right hand of Klaws, the fictional “Head” of the WEF. He’s just another false character to front another project by the usual suspects

      Klaws and Yuval make a good match. The nazi and the slimy usual suspect. Two sides of the same coin

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Final point: what does all that say about the Lioness? Does she not realise any of that? And if she does then, why not say so?

  2. Gordon says:

    “A mountain is a reality,” he noted.
    “You can see it, you can touch it, and you can smell it.

    The only mountain I smell is the mountain of shit coming out of this asshole.

    “But Israel, or the United States – they are just stories.
    “Very powerful stories – stories we might want to believe very much.
    “But still, they are just stories.

    “Just stories?” Really! Then perhaps he needs to look at some historical facts from The Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and America: The Story of Us (also internationally known as America: The Story of the U.S.) is a 12-part, 9-hour documentary-drama television miniseries that premiered on April 25, 2010, on History. Produced by Nutopia, the program portrays more than 400 years of American history (with emphasis Wikipedia)

    What surprises me when people like Harari spout off is that no one in attendance stands to confront them. All that is born to life have an equal right to life which includes you, me and all the millions of foetuses exterminated every year.

    The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.
    Carl Rogers.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Did the title of this post just change? I could swear it did, or am I losing it?😁

    Harari is technically correct in that all countries are fictions too. Just like your Strawman ID, all Corporations and all formal religions [which are all Corporations] All legalisms are mental constructs only, they have no real physical substance. They define the prison matrix in folk’s minds

    It is the actions of real flesh and blood human beings within the legal mental prison that is the problem. They do unspeakable things in the name of fictional entities like US or Israel

    Try telling an indigenous native that it was the US that starved him, killed his family and took his land. He would say, “no it didn’t, it was white skinned, hairy, smelly, devils that came and took everything from me”