Stop the health Nazis creating the Turnkey Totalitarian Planet

Dr. Mike Yeadon: This is an excellent talk (just under an hour) given by Sucharit Bhakdi at a recent event, all the speakers at which were captured on in links adjacent to this one. They’re all overdubbed in English and, so I understand, in many other languages.

In addition to Sucharit’s talk, there are numerous others on topics such as the metastasising of supranational powers that constitute the creation of what has memorably been described as a “turnkey totalitarian planet”.

If we do not prevent this fully coming into being, at very least by doing what all of us have the knowledge and power to do, requiring only courage to do it, to SPEAK OUT about this, relentlessly, and to refuse to cooperate with its many tentacles, as they are purportedly offered to us with lies to be benign, then we have repeated the often used dictum:

“All it takes for evil to prevail is that good people said nothing”.

Thus I commend to you as among your resolutions for this year and all years forward. Do what you can, where you are with what you have. No one can do more than this, and it will be enough. Please, so resolve.

I believe you become imbued with a powerful force when you say what you believe and what you will do, OUT LOUD. Initially to yourself and increasingly in the presence of others. This courage to create the power for good is also highly contagious. Try it.

Best wishes,


“WHO: Global Vaccination Regime after Global Vaccination Tragedy? mRNA-Vaccinations: Effect and Dangers” (Video and transcript)



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