Ryan Dawson On Epstein

‘As censorship fades, so too does Zionist power, because they can only ever operate in the dark. Demons like the darkness.’
Ryan Dawson.

I believe Myron is ex-police, but today runs Fit & Fresh

This is another platform Myron has, Fed Reacts. Ryan Dawson has already briefed Fresh & Fit on Rumble on the Epstein case. Here Myron gives a background briefing up to about 38 minutes when he brings on Ryan. Ryan is currently having computer issues in South Korea, but here he is.
He is my go-to researcher on this subject.

Edit 09.01.2024

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4 Responses to “Ryan Dawson On Epstein”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I listened for a bit but was put off by the clown who was talking to him

    Dawson seems certain that Epstein died in jail. But I’m not sure how he can be so certain of that. Government run autopsies, coroners, inquests etc are not necessarily reliable sources at all. Far from it, as Mathis has categorically demonstrated many many times. We have no way of knowing for certain

    Ditto Ghislaine Maxwell. Is she really in jail? How could we possibly know? My bet is that she never spent a day in jail

    I’d think that it is far more likely that Epstein faked his death and retired somewhere to a life of anonymity, to luxuriate in his vast wealth. I bet he never really spent any time in jail. He was always a made man and had very very powerful sponsors and protectors. Who he seems to have served very well over the years. So why would they kill him rather than let him retire? Retirement via fake death is more likely

    When Robert Maxwell died in the Canaries then, he was immediately interred in the Mount of Olives. With all past heads of Mossad, and all past Israel PM’s, attending his funeral. So he was obviously a top Israeli spook. As is his daughter Ghislaine it seems. She’s protected too

  2. NPP says:

    C’est la vie.

    You think Myon’s a clown? He’s givinfg Dawson air. Breathe it!
    I suggest you listen to Dawson. He is the go-to for the Epstein case.

    If you donit have the time nor inclinaton, c’est la vie.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I found him very irritating tbh. He kept interrupting Dawson with DJ style stuff that wasn’t related to the discussion. Also Dawson’s certainty about Epstein’s exit was disconcerting, how could he possibly be so certain? So I gave up, I wasn’t up for 2+hours of that

      I’ve always thought that DJ’s are just clowns. Never had any time for them, never heard one that talked like a normal person, or had much sense

      Btw, Epstein’s lawyer was Alan Dershovitch, another CIA made man. His presence alone blows the official story as fraud for me

      • NPP says:

        I’ve just added an extra 2 hrs 18 mins. If anyone’s interested, this is the guy.

        Thus far 44 views. Oh well.

        DJ? Myron? His an ex-cop as far I understand.

        Dershowitz kept his underpants on. He said so!