Russian forces do not advance in Ukraine but destroy Ukrainian rear areas.

Dmitry Polyanskiy writes- (Russian deputy to the Ambassador at the UN)
Let’s check the mood in Ukrainian social media in the first days of 2024 (AI translation): “Hits on rear areas Pokrovsk (formerly Krasnoarmiysk), Kurakhovo and surrounding areas, Selydovo, Mirnograd community (formerly Dimitrov) – cities in Donetsk region are now being shelled several times a day.
The significant increase in shelling in this direction could be attributed to the capture of Maryinka by Russia, but it’s not only about that. It can already be stated that the Russian army has adopted a tactic of striking rear areas. Pay attention – Russian forces are not so much storming the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as they are striking the rear. There is certainly logic for them in this – reducing their own losses. As we have said, square kilometers of captured territory are no longer the main priority. They are focused on depleting the reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Instead of fighting fortified positions, they inflict losses on the rear of the Ukrainian forces.
This is a bad sign This tactic is not about capturing cities and villages or “liberating the entire territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic,” as they say in Russia. Its goal is to inflict a strategic defeat on the enemy. Individual operations are over, and now there is a full-scale war with entire fronts and armies. This is terrible. Ukraine, with its current level of support from partners, is not prepared for such a war. We will simply run out of soldiers. Freezing the conflict/peace/ceasefire (call it what you want) has long been more beneficial for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. But, unfortunately, not for Zelensky. Now we need peace not because it is the most acceptable option, but because it is now the only option for survival. There is no alternative” Source:
This is confirmed by Alexander Mercouris, as ‘aggressive attrition)