Our music has been de-tuned to a frequency no longer beneficial to our well-being!

The law of vibration, a foundational principle in physics and metaphysics, posits that everything in the universe is in perpetual motion, resonating at its unique frequency. Acoustic levitation, on the other hand, is a fascinating scientific phenomenon that involves using sound waves to counteract the force of gravity and suspend objects in mid-air. In the context of acoustic levitation, sound vibrations play a crucial role. By employing carefully tuned sound waves, scientists can create areas of high pressure and low pressure, effectively forming a standing wave that counterbalances gravity’s pull on an object. This innovative application of the law of vibration showcases the intriguing interplay between fundamental principles of physics and the development of advanced technologies.


2 Responses to “Our music has been de-tuned to a frequency no longer beneficial to our well-being!”

  1. Steve Kettle says:

    Great post NE, thanks for that.
    I knew they’d changed the frequency for broadcasting music but didn’t appreciate the relevance until watching the video. We’re under attack on so many levels.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes Steve, people don’t realise all the subtle ways we are being attacked our bodies are tuned to natural frequencies of sound, light and electrical frequencies. The enemy has known this for a long time, that is why they are so keen to get our DNA samples, from which they can tune into us from anywhere in the world for good or ill! Get hit with the wrong frequencies we get ill which they blame on a non existent virus!