5 Responses to “Northern Ireland cures autism”

  1. Tapestry says:

    anti-biotics nearly killed him so he did a lot of research. invasion of cancer or autism inside the body’s membranes. if a killer disease x comes from the who, roger says people who have the right bacteria will survive. bacteria are basically plants inside you. pro-biotics for a week will cure many people of cancers and autism. roger’s curing his wife of cancer.

  2. Tapestry says:

    eat poop and live…..effective.probiotics are derived from healthy poop. pills are available now.

  3. newensign says:

    A lot of good information again Tap. My only concern is that he does not realise the UN is an enemy organisation. While the Irish employees of the UN may well be perfectly normal people they will be unaware of the true nature of the beast they are working for! The UN certainly won’t want anything to reduce the effectiveness of its next plandemic and for that reason roger’s life may well be in danger!

  4. Belyi says:

    I started listening but he immediately talks about another fake scare and seems to think that covid was a real thing, so I clicked out.

    If people neglect their health and then swallow pills and demand jabs when they’re ill, there’s little hope for them.

  5. Tapestry says:

    He’s not a jabber, but is careful not to offend as he’s a genuine scientist who wants to engage with you about his discoveries. He tends to skirt around other issues so he can keep to his topic. He uses COVID merely as an example of illness that Americans can relate to. He talks about cancer most interestingly, autism and all other forms of illness. He takes a bit of getting used to as he’s folksy in his style, but he is undoubtedly a very clever man who we will miss when he’s gone.