Mind control

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The “No Viruses exist” cult has been out in force lately

A friend suggested this is part of the mind control operation, designed to divide us and make us angry at each other.

I cannot say who is driving this. It is infantile. People who have never looked through a microscope, and a few who have, but misinterpreted what they saw, relentlessly spread their pseudo science mixed with venom on twitter. Why does this fairytale keep growing new legs? It makes sense that a few true believers are being used; perhaps they have been encouraged that they will be mankind’s saviors if we all just stop believing in those viruses. Tonight one claimed this was “the” existential question.

I told Christine Massey over and over that her FOIAs were answered by all countries in the same manner because a) the countries lie about everything related to COVID, b) their language was carefully chosen to be ambiguous, since her question was not perfectly formulated, c) they all read from the same playbook they were handed, d) why would they choose Christine Massey to be the one person on Earth to whom they would reveal their deepest secret?

She sent a bunch of FOIAs out several years ago. That was good. Good to make governments answer questions. In the US, it takes about 5 minutes to send a FOIA. But she keeps talking about those same FOIAs. Hasn’t she done anything else since then? Does she plan to dine off her 100 FOIAs forever?

Her buddy Andrew Kaufman, a forensic psychiatrist, said if we would stop believing in COVID it would go away and everything would be normal again. That seems to accord with John Lennon’s quip, “It’s all in the mind, you know.” And I love John Lennon. But I don’t think it worked.

I guess Andrew missed the Great Reset. I invite him to wish that away—if it works, I will join him.

These people want everything to be isolated the way they decide it should be isolated. Duh. How do you know there is a Sun 93 million miles away? Have you isolated that? Have you personally measured the earth being round? Did you use a tape measure?

Some things require indirect measurements.

But here is the kicker. Have none of these pseudo-scientists ever had a cold? Have they never had flu? No cold sores? No genital herpes? No warts?

All these are due to viruses. I invite the “no virus” team members to tell me what they isolated instead that explains the conditions I just listed. I’m listening.

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4 Responses to “Mind control”

  1. ian says:

    I suspect that it is a mind game. They ie TPTB know that many “conspiracy theorists”, will quickly believe anything against “accepted convention”. If you don’t believe the man on the moon crap, or that lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy, then flat earth, no viruses etc isn’t a big step to take. Anything that will divide and discredit alternative views will be used against us.

  2. newensign says:

    The problem Tap is not whether Viruses exist or not, but what they are identified as being. The MSM would have us believe that they are living organisms, but this has been shown not to be the case, but rather the body removing dead cell tissue and this is what causes illness, the damage could be caused by poison or more likely emf radiation. Its the enemy using false narrative to promote their virus protection products which only add to the body’s load of debris to deal with and make us yet more ill!!

    • ian says:

      Hi N’, the “body removing dead cell tissue”, version, doesn’t explain how an illness, let’s say, typical symptom flu, can affect many eg in a workplace, where employees come from different areas. An infection, or passing it on, seem to suit the situation much better. I obviously don’t know the mechanism for transmission, but it seems like some form of transmission happens.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Virus in Latin means toxin or poison. So it’s meaning was changed for modern usage then. No doubt by the usual suspects