3 Responses to “Massive Ancient Lost City Discovered in the Amazon”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Very interesting, thanks Ian

    I’m sure that our official ancient history is very. very, partial. So much is missing

    I can recommend this fascinating book:

    Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, By Michael Cremo & Richard Thompson

    “Over the past two centuries archeologists and anthropologists have ignored, forgotten and suppressed vast quantities of evidence showing that human beings like ourselves have existed on this planet for tens of millions of years.. Forbidden Archeology documents a systematic process of “knowledge filtration” and constitutes a serious challenge to the Darwinian theory of evolution.”

    Tens of millions of years!


    • ian says:

      I don’t doubt a word of what you say Pete. If the history we lived through is made up of lies upon lies, it’s a fair indicator of their MO. I’ll check the book out Pete, thanks.

  2. newensign says:

    Thanks for the post Ian and as Pete mentions what we have been told about the History of both North and South America is a load of tosh. Ancient Irish Histories mention their colonies in S America there was one city there called Tulley after the Irish town of that name which was over 40 miles across. Of course the elites don’t want us to believe we evolved from ignorant savages into clever people and therefore can’t have highly sophisticated civilisations existing in pre history!