Israel and the Holocaust Hoax

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I think that anyone who has carefully investigated the subject would soon conclude that there is an overwhelming volume of strong factual evidence against the reality of the Holocaust, which appears to be almost entirely fictional, just as fraudulent as the recent claims of forty beheaded babies. But that Holocaust myth has nonetheless remained in place and steadily grown for more than three generations, having seemingly become a lie too enormous to ever be challenged.

One likely reason for such impunity has been the successful transformation of the historical Holocaust into the quasi-religion of Holocaustianity, which in many respects reigns as the dominant faith of much of today’s deeply secular West. I have noted that although Pope Benedict XVI and his successor had been willing to accept deviations from the canonical doctrines of their Catholic Church on numerous questions, no skepticism towards the Holocaust could possibly be tolerated. Many otherwise courageous individuals are very reluctant to challenge such a religious faith, especially one in which they themselves have been immersed from their early childhood, perhaps without even recognizing that process.

However, belief in such pernicious falsehoods may sometimes prompt acts of the most dreadful nature, just as the recent Israeli atrocity-hoaxes have been used to enable the horrific ongoing massacre in Gaza.

According to Segev’s book, the widespread postwar belief among the Jews of Palestine that the Germans had exterminated six million of their people provoked a group of Zionist militants to plot the extermination of six million German civilians in retaliation, spending months infiltrating the water supply facilities of Occupied Germany and securing large quantities of the deadly poison that they planned to introduce. Fortunately, their project failed and although Segev seems convinced that the plot was real and came close to success, I am personally more skeptical. But the mere possibility that the most enormous mass-murder in all of human history might have been prompted in retaliation for an imaginary Holocaust crime is a sobering one.

Soon afterward, the Zionists leveraged the same Holocaust story to provide themselves the political cover they required for their brutal war of aggression and expulsion towards the native inhabitants of Palestine, seizing nearly 80% of the land and forcing 80% of the longstanding Arab population to flee as pitiful refugees.

During the many decades that followed, that same get-out-of-jail-free Holocaust card has been endlessly played, invoked by Israel’s leaders and its fierce advocates to justify every naked violation of international law and every grisly war crime, culminating now in the destruction of defenseless Gaza. Over the last three months, more than 22,000 bodies of dead civilians have been identified by the Gaza Health Ministry, and with so many thousands more still missing, their bodies buried in the rubble of 100,000 destroyed buildings, the true death-toll is probably well above 30,000.

Without doubt, this is the greatest televised slaughter of helpless civilians in the history of the world, and some of Israel’s top leaders have used explicitly genocidal language to describe their plans for the millions of Palestinians. Meanwhile, the rest of the world watches, either unwilling or unable to halt the killing. After more than three months of this unending massacre, the government of South Africa has now filed an 84-page legal brief condemning Israel for this ongoing “genocide.”

In our own country, popular progressive slogans advocating for a single unified secular democratic state of Palestine have been demonized as calling for “Jewish genocide.” When several elite college presidents refused to suppress criticism of Israeli policy on their campuses, they were browbeaten by Congressional interrogators and billionaire Jewish donors, with two of them already forced to resign.

The Israel Lobby appears to possess near total control of our political system, government, and media organs, and most observers see no prospect of change, agreeing that it would take an unprecedented ideological earthquake to dislodge such control. But surely the collapse of the Holocaust narrative would constitute exactly that sort of unprecedented ideological earthquake, perhaps causing the total disintegration of the entire Zionist project built upon it. For most pro-Israel partisans, the reality of the Holocaust is the fundamental cornerstone of their understanding of the world, and calling it into question would threaten the complete annihilation of their entire system of beliefs.

Those who wish to end what they regard as the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians must recognize that one of their best and only chances to achieve that goal may involve their courageous willingness to challenge a purported genocide from eight decades ago, a genocide that never took place, but has subsequently been used to justify an enormous catalog of war crimes and massacres.

I can only repeat the closing paragraphs of my original 2018 article on Holocaust Denial:

Despite this situation, the powerful media focus in support of the Holocaust over the last few decades has elevated it to a central position in Western culture. I wouldn’t be surprised if it currently occupies a larger place in the minds of most ordinary folk than does the Second World War that encompassed it, and therefore possesses greater apparent reality.

However, some forms of shared beliefs may be a mile wide but an inch deep, and the casual assumptions of individuals who have never actually investigated a given subject may rapidly change. Also, the popular strength of doctrines that have long been maintained in place by severe social and economic sanctions, often backed by criminal penalties, may possibly be much weaker than anyone realizes.

Until thirty years ago, Communist rule over the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies seemed absolutely permanent and unshakable, but the roots of that belief had totally rotted away, leaving behind nothing more than a hollow facade. Then one day, a gust of wind came along, and the entire gigantic structure collapsed. I wouldn’t be surprised if our current Holocaust narrative eventually suffers that same fate, perhaps with unfortunate consequences for those too closely associated with having maintained it.

And the Holocaust is merely one of many enormous falsehoods regarding the central shaping events of the twentieth century that I had discussed in several pieces last year:”


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5 Responses to “Israel and the Holocaust Hoax”

  1. ian says:

    An extremely difficult one for the sheeple Pete. I’ve been thrown out of my brother’s house for taking him a copy of Nick Kollerstrom’s book, and My best friend ordered me to shut the F up on another occasion, and tha’s me “picking my targets”. TV and the film industry rule.

  2. David 2 says:

    The Hollowhoax is the Jew Mastercard, it will take a new generation who were not brainwashed to call out the bullish*t. The events in Israel will probably hasten the day when the world finally questions the Jews and their lies.

    I saw an interesting statistic. Apparently the Second World War lasted 5million, nine hundred thousand minutes ie it was under six million. It would be almost impossible to relentlessly gas, cremate and dispose of the alleged bodies in under one minute

  3. Belyi says:

    I first became interested in the holohoax when I read that people were receiving long prison terms, merely for daring to express an opinion.

    When you dig down a bit, you see that it would have been impossible to carry out. Fred Leucher, who was an expert on gassing people (bit sad that), confirmed that the gas supposedly used was to disinfect clothing and could never have killed anyone. Some people have discovered that chimneys in the camps had been built after the war.

    Where would the fuel have been found to cremate the bodies? And how come that the European Jewish population was similar after the war to that before the war?

    It will all come out one day, but when you realise that some of us live in countries where denying the holocaust is a criminal offence you understand that we’re over the target.

  4. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks Ian, David and Belyi, I agree with all of you

    Yes, it was impossible Belyi, the required logistics made no sense whatsoever. The facility at Auschwitz was supposed to be the major location but it was totally inadequate for the job it was supposed to have done. So much so that it was farcical, absolutely impossible to cremate so many folk in that facility

    Ron Unz has done a decent job of summarising the whole ridiculous story, and the the truth will surely out more widely one day. But it might take a generation as David says. We’ve seem the mental denial of the deceived covid vaxx victims. Hard to believe that it won’t be even worse when the “holocaust” penny drops

    • newensign says:

      Of course the real reason for the Holocaust myth is the conjurers trick of mis direction to hide the fact that the so-called victims were the real perpetuators of the real holocaust that is that of hundreds of millions of Christians killed by the antichrist Jews by manipulating us to fight each other instead of the real enemy!!